For hundreds of millions of people around the world, food allergies have drastically changed their everyday lives —making simple tasks like ordering food difficult and frustrating at times. After successfully testing Uber’s new allergy features in the UK and Ireland in 2023, our team has been hard at work listening to the food-allergic community and thinking about new ways to create a better online food delivery process for individuals who rely on the Uber Eats app for their meals. 

We’re pleased to introduce a new suite of allergy features, designed to improve the ordering experience for consumers with food allergies and make the process easier for restaurant partners who receive allergy requests. 

This new set of features includes:

  • Disclaimers noted on each store information page (accessible by the caret on the storefront) that tell a consumer if a restaurant partner can accommodate in app food allergy requests or is not equipped.
  • A special allergy request field that will encourage consumers to disclose their allergies for each item when they order. Consumers can choose from a pre-selected list of the most common allergens or enter their own. 
  • The ability for consumers to call the restaurant partner and disclose food allergies, if the restaurant partner is able to receive phone calls. 

We’ve also made it easier for restaurant partners to receive and accept food allergy requests by: 

  • Highlighting consumer allergy disclosures for restaurant partners on the Uber Eats Orders app on their tablet and on the printed receipt in bold so that restaurant partners can more easily see them. 
  • Giving restaurant partners the new ability to more easily communicate with a consumer if they are unable to accommodate an allergy request, to help determine how to proceed.

These features are currently live in the UK, Ireland, US and now Australia and New Zealand.