Uber has unveiled pop royalty Michelle Williams as the latest star to front their membership campaign – promoting the benefits of Uber One.

The Grammy winning sensation is best known for her lyrical prowess and vocal range but shines with impeccable comedic timing owning a joke that she, “was in one of the most iconic girl groups and no one recognises me.”

Spoofing the notion that she is the third favourite child, the hero campaign starts with the glamorous musician strutting through Sydney’s Botanical Gardens with white sunglasses, a vibrant power suit and a MW keychain. Her efforts to appear discrete have the opposite effect as she radiates amongst a throng of Aussies going about their day – some clad in activewear, others sneaking a moment of solitude for morning tea.

A series of awkward mistaken identity moments follow with Michelle thinking a fan has recognised her only to discover he is yelling at his disobedient dog Michelle – a chihuahua clutching a crusty baguette.

There’s another close call with a stranger on a park bench who asks the musical hitmaker whether she’s Michelle Williams. Assuming she’s been correctly identified as the famed voice behind millions of streams of number one songs, she reveals she is indeed Michelle Williams only to discover she’s dropped her wallet and a good samaritan is returning it – none the wiser that it is being returned to a Grammy winning artist. 

“I love visiting Australia, I love the savings I score on Uber One and I love the Aussie sense of humour so this campaign was fun for me,” said Michelle Williams.

And Williams has plenty of fun, continuing to make self deprecating jokes in a series of additional vignettes.

“You don’t have to be famous like me to have Uber One savings,” she proclaims, only to be interrupted by a fellow park-goer. “Really? Are you famous?” the stranger queries, to which Williams responds dejectedly – “Maybe your mum knows who I am.

The campaign builds on the idea that Uber One savings do not disappoint, a premise first introduced earlier this year in a series of campaigns featuring tennis legend Andre Agassi and layered upon this time around by Williams who finds plenty of elements in life that do disappoint in contrast to her Uber One membership.

“You know what does disappoint – all this fan mail is for the other Michelle Williams,” and “You know what is disappointing – when I dress to survive I end up blending in.”

Australian audiences are set to see the campaign in a series of bespoke assets for television, online video, outdoor media, linear and digital audio, social and owned channels

At launch, from Monday March 4, we’re going to celebrate the rise of Michelles everywhere, by offering anyone named Michelle the option to take 50% off their next order (up to $50) on Uber Eats. Anyone who has an active Uber One membership and an account registered with the first name Michelle will just need to enter MICHELLE into the promo code section of their app to claim the offer from select restaurants until 11:59pm on Sunday March 10th.

Of course, given this campaign reminds us that Michelle types are always happy to share the limelight we’re also looking after the independent men and women with other first names too (and an active Uber One membership), giving them 30% off (up to $30) on select restaurants on Uber Eats by simply owning that they’re not Michelle by entering the code NOTMICHELLE into their promo section ahead of checkout.

Now that’s not disappointing… you could say it’s savalicious.