Famed talent show judge, producer and celebrity manager Simon Cowell has joined forces with Australia’s most iconic family entertainment group, the Wiggles, in the latest and most unexpected celebrity pairings in the history of the award winning Tonight I’ll Be Eating franchise.

The acerbic Brit channels his famed deadpan direct humour as a new recruit in the Wiggles lineup. Playing the dour Grey Wiggle, Cowell brings his unique acid tongue to the rainbow skivid ensemble, dishing out generous amounts of brutally direct feedback that serves as a direct contrast to the chirpy, cheery and colourful world of The Wiggles.

In the clip, The Wiggles do what they do best – putting a smile on families’ faces with a catchy dinner-time jingle. However the Grey Wiggle, confesses the dulcet tones of “rices and spices” and “Zucchini Linguine” are not his cup of tea – and are, alarmingly, enough to put him off music (yikes!).

The Wiggles do their best to remind Cowell that dinner is best shared together, and despite his harsh clap backs, still seem rather fond of the Grumpy – sorry Grey – addition to the group.

Adored nationwide by adults and children alike and famed for singles like Big Red Car and Hot Potato, the four Australian musical superstars are more than a match for the man responsible for the smash hit sensation One Direction. 

“Food and music have the power to bring everyone together, even polar opposites. That’s why I’m excited to be returning to Australian screens for Uber Eats’ ‘Tonight I’ll be Eating’ campaign, with the iconic Wiggles! This campaign has been so much fun, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and I hope the audience enjoy it as well.”

The multi-ARIA award winning musicians are celebrating 30 years since the creation of the Wiggles by calling on Australians to audition for a spot in their lineup ahead of revealing more campaign interactions with Simon Cowell. 

“For the past thirty years, it’s been an absolute joy and privilege to teach children and families around the world through our music about food and healthy eating. We have admired Simon Cowell from afar and it was a thrill to see him in the Grey Skivvy to have a bit of fun together with Uber Eats ‘Tonight I’ll Be Eating’ campaign. We hope people enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed being a part of it.” said Anthony Field, Blue Wiggle and founder of The Wiggles.

More Wiggles characters will appear in upcoming featurettes, including favourites Henry the Octopus from the set of the world of the Wiggles – created especially for the latest Uber Eats campaign. 

Watch the first campaign vignette here.