Internationally adored actors Tom Felton and Nicola Coughlan have linked up with Uber Eats in a series of new films that remind Australians that while you can get almost, almost anything on Uber Eats there are some things you probably don’t want.

Felton, famous for his breakout role as an iconically villainous wizard, finds himself in the suburbs. As time idles by he conjures a magic wand on Uber Eats. Before long the blonde haired protagonist is lending a helping hand to a neighbour, but instead of disappearing his garbage bag he inadvertently vanishes the man on the other side of the fence.

Calamity ensues as the famous serpent enthusiast attends a vigil for the missing man, becomes wracked with guilt and ultimately turns into a fugitive as the subject of a witch hunt. This pursuit culminates with Felton behind bars. The payoff line reminds viewers that while you can’t get magic on Uber Eats you can summon up Ice Magic – and that’s probably a safer choice.

“I’ve been around magical worlds for most of my life, and while I believe in the magical convenience of pressing a few buttons and getting items like jelly snakes delivered to your door – I think this campaign is a sterling reminder that you might not actually want everything you wish for. For everything else there is Uber Eats,” said Felton. 

In the case of acclaimed Irish actor Nicola Coughlan her film also starts off in a relatable urban setting. As the television screen flickers away casting a warm light over her, she searches and summons period romance to her front door with a few taps on the Uber Eats app. When the familiar refrain of a doorbell echoes in the background we’re greeted by a chivalrous gentleman from a bygone era – breathing steam as the rain trickles outside.

Sadly the breathlessness is brief as the steaminess swiftly evaporates and the tedium of her male suitor’s antiquated values take hold. The dashing date quickly becomes dated as he fails to adjust to contemporary Australia – offering a disparaging laugh as Nicola announces she’s heading to work. His comic uselessness ultimately reaches a crescendo when he mistakes a rice cooker for a bedpan, leaving Nicola to lament that you can’t source period era romance on Uber Eats but you can get period relief items.

“I was so delighted to visit Australia for the first time and to get to work with Uber Eats,” said Coughlan, “Their campaigns are always so funny and original, so it was a joy to film with them. I’m a very frequent user so I was happy to attest to the fact that you really can get almost, almost anything on Uber Eats. I’m also excited to announce an extension on this campaign that I’m really proud to be a part of. More on that very soon.”

The global duo appear in a series of social spots which further demonstrate the rich array of items available on Uber Eats from retail categories, grocery, alcohol*, convenience and of course restaurant cuisine. 

“Being able to partner with two world class actors in Tom and Nicola gave us the opportunity to build on our ‘get anything’ narrative in ways we could have only hoped for at the start of this creative process. This almost cinematic elevation of these spots are the perfect layer on top of our first iteration of the Get Almost, Almost anything campaign fronted by iconic mother daughter duo Kris and Kendall Jenner,” said Uber Eats ANZ, Head of Brand Channa Goonasekara.