In one of the most closely guarded campaigns in Australian advertising history, the Uber Eats team is combining American star Kim Kardashian West with beloved Australian character and netball fanatic Sharon Strzelecki.

Capturing the essence of netballing culture, across multiple television commercials Sharon teaches Kim about regulation length nails and pronunciation all while ordering Aussie faves – spag bol, a chicken kebab with extra hot sauce and a schnitty and chips with chicken salt.

Kim’s cultural appeal is undeniable – with 150 million followers on instagram she’s a once in a generation influencer, while Sharon is the perfect Australian voice and comedic foil to the glamorous Californian.

Usually featuring pairings of Australian and global celebrities ordering Uber Eats, past

Tonight I’ll Be Eating celebs include Rafael Nadal, Rebel Wilson, Ruby Rose and Naomi Watts.

“Sharon and Kim” are our most audacious, quirky and unexpected pairing yet and will certainly help Uber Eats stay front of mind when it comes to answering that frustrating question we all face every night – what’s for dinner? 

We’ve had tremendous success with our TIBE campaign in raising awareness about the incredible convenience of the Uber Eats platform and we’re immensely proud of all the food choices available on average across Australia within thirty minutes at the click of a button. 

The campaign will help underline the range of local restaurant partners available on the app.

With creative pairings like Sharon and Kim, small businesses are able to unlock the star power of international and homegrown talent to promote their restaurants.

Uber Eats is available in 24 cities across in Australia with more than 20,000 restaurants online at the tap of a button – reaching new audiences across 21 meals every week. 

Thanks to our freshly hatched Uber Rewards, customers can earn points at home, interstate or overseas on eligible rides and orders with Uber.

Watch the first TVC Here.