We’re making changes to bring a more consistent, clearer earnings experience to delivery partners using the Uber Eats app. This includes the addition of upfront trip information such as minimum trip earnings, and a new fare structure that takes into account estimated delivery time and time spent travelling to and waiting at the restaurant. 

While delivery partners have always been free to cancel a trip request after accepting it, at the moment not all information about the trip is provided upfront. So, after listening to feedback from delivery partners across Australia and New Zealand, we’re making changes. From July 13, delivery partners will be able to see their minimum estimated earnings upfront (after the Uber service fee) as well as the restaurant name and location, the delivery address, and the total estimated trip time and distance. Of course, any tips will always be in addition to the minimum earnings amount.

These changes are aimed at providing delivery partners with more information before they accept a trip.

In addition, the fare structure for delivery partners is changing to account for each trip’s total estimated time as well as distance, including travel to the restaurant. This means that for two trips of the same distance, a delivery partner may earn more if one trip takes longer to complete, for example, if there is heavy traffic on that route.

The previous fare structure was based on a pick-up fee, drop-off fee, and distance travelled – which didn’t always evenly reflect the effort or time which went into individual trips. In practice, this meant that the fare for a trip that took twice as long could sometimes be less than a quicker trip because of the distance travelled. 

By changing the fare structure to include estimated time spent travelling to and waiting at a restaurant, and to add in a time as well as distance component, we believe the fare for each trip will be more reflective of the effort that goes into it. It will also help lessen the difference in earnings between trips that take similar effort. However this does mean some trips will now pay more, while others will now pay less. Importantly, delivery partners will have transparency on what the minimum earnings for each trip will be before they decide to accept.