The past year will go down in history as a memorable year for gender equality in Australia. Stories of injustice and oppressed voices have inspired us all to learn more, do more and raise our voices in support. 

COVID-19 has presented unimaginable challenges and also opportunities for gender equity, and has proven that community really is the strongest tool for driving meaningful change.

Following the launch of the ANZ Driving Change program in 2018, we have been inspired by the formidable work that our partners WESNET, Australia Says No More, RespectEd Aotearoa and TOAH-NNEST do in addressing gender-based violence across Australia and New Zealand. 

The importance of this work has intensified throughout the pandemic. These organisations have seamlessly created solutions to roadblocks COVID has presented, and have ensured the invaluable support they provide women and families doesn’t grind to a halt in the wake of social distancing.

Motivated by our partners’ tireless efforts to go above and beyond, we recognise that Uber can and should do more to support gender diverse voices in Australia and New Zealand. As a platform that powers movement of people and goods, we want every person to be able to move freely, safely, and without fear. It is important that we take an intersectional and inclusive approach to help ensure marginalised or oppressed communities aren’t being left behind.

The start of our Driving Change program began on the basis of listening and learning, and we acknowledge that this work will never be done. That’s why today, we’re proud to announce that we are expanding the program to partner with three additional organisations advocating for safe and equal opportunities.

Fitted for Work

Fitted for Work is an organisation helping women experiencing disadvantage to get work, keep work and navigate the world of work. Through the support of its social enterprises She Works and Conscious Closet, Fitted for Work provides female, non-binary and gender diverse jobseekers across Australia with practical skills, knowledge and self-esteem so that they can move forward with confidence in the workplace.

Donna de Zwart (she/ her), Managing Director of Fitted for Work, said: “At Fitted for Work our vision is independence and transformation for women. Each woman receives tailored support including resume and cover letter writing; personal outfitting; job preparation; mock interview practice; presentation workshops and mentoring.

We focus specifically on helping women gain employment not only because work provides financial security but also a sense of social connectedness, dignity and pride.  We believe that when a woman is fitted for work, she is fitted for life.

Uber shares our vision for a future that is equal, positive and powerful for women in the workplace. We are proud to partner with the Uber team to support women experiencing disadvantage on their journey into work. Together we believe we can make a real difference.”

We are thrilled to support Fitted for Work as they reach more Australian womxn in the wake of the pandemic, and that the Uber app can help provide access to a reliable transport solution for those at the start of their workplace journeys.

Transgender Victoria (TGV)

Transgender Victoria (TGV) is Victoria’s leading body for trans and gender diverse advocacy. The organisation works to achieve justice, equity and inclusive service provision for trans, gender diverse and non-binary individuals, their partners and families. 

TGV works with and for the trans and gender diverse communities to create positive change in human rights and policy development. TGV advocates for change by challenging discrimination and empowering trans people, so that they may lead full and meaningful lives. Additionally, TGV provides peak training services and consultancy for organisations, aged care, education services and businesses to improve transgender and LGBTIQA+ inclusion and safety. 

Mama Alto (she/ her), CEO of TGV, said: “Transgender Victoria looks forward to partnering with Uber. We’ll be working together to enhance Uber’s support of trans and gender diverse communities, particularly as we know many of our community members need and appreciate Uber’s focus on safety, privacy and comfort when commuting or travelling.” 

Uber is proud to be partnering with TGV to lean into what we can do to better support trans communities, on and off our platform. We are committed to incorporating trans communities’ needs and perspectives within the work that we do every day.

It’s Not A Compliment

It’s Not A Compliment is a grassroots organisation advocating for the rights of all individuals to enjoy public space free of the fear of harassment. The organisation runs projects, workshops and campaigns that break through the normalisation of street harassment and encourage communities to challenge the age-old norms that allow it.

Aakanksha Manjunath (she/ her), Co-founder and CEO of It’s Not A Compliment, said: “At It’s Not A Compliment we believe that all individuals should enjoy public spaces equally irrespective of their gender, sexuality or racial identity. Uber is deeply invested in improving community safety. This is why we know that by working together, we are one step closer to achieving street justice for all.” 

We have a zero tolerance policy to harassment on the Uber platform, and are aligned with It’s Not A Compliment in its belief that no one should feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a public space. We look forward to working with It’s Not A Compliment to use our platform to challenge the normalisation of street harassment across Australia. 

These three powerful organisations will join our Driving Change program to share and hear the main challenges facing vulnerable genders in the community, and help us understand how we can support the inspiring work of these organisations.

Our priority is for everyone’s experience through the Uber platform to be safe, respectful and positive. We’re confident that our work with these organisations will enhance how we implement this while supporting solutions for tackling gender inequalities across Australia. 

About Uber’s Driving Change Program

In 2017, Uber announced Driving Change – our global commitment to help address gender-based violence, leveraging our scale and scope to help drive awareness and societal change. We launched the program in ANZ in 2018, and announced partnerships with a number of local sexual violence prevention partners including WESNET, Australia Says No More, RespectEd Aotearoa and TOAH-NNEST. In 2018 we also launched a women’s safety forum, a group comprised of thought-leaders, local academics, law enforcement and experts – to hear the main challenges facing women in transport and help us understand how we can support our Driving Change partners.