They say in showbiz never to work with children or animals but Uber Eats has thrown out the rulebook to bring back a furry friend that was a long-time family favourite to help draw the curtain on 2020.

Three decades after he shot to superstardom, Uber Eats is literally dusting off one of the biggest stars of the nineties in the most nostalgic Tonight I’ll be Eating campaign yet. 

In a first for the homegrown format that’s since gone global and is now well known for it’s unlikely pairings, a human will share the screen with an animal and while we’re not sure what type of fauna he is, we’re certain Agro will prove to be an all time fan favourite, as viewers recall hilarious moments from their childhoods.

The fluffy puppet is an unlikely but bristly foil to the ever calm, cool and collected vet Dr Chris Brown as the two first become acquainted on an operating table at Brown’s practice, where the Doctor asks the shaggy haired Agro if the little fella is after a treat. 

Inspecting an x-ray, Dr Brown then goes on to quiz the puppet on his origin story.

Agro is only too willing to cooperate, revealing he is, “a forty year old bath mat with a hand up his butt,” before turning the questions on his co-star – suggesting he wants to talk more about his famous jaw-line. 

While there is plenty of tension between their on camera personas Agro says he developed an instant camaraderie with Chris Brown over the filming window in Sydney and it appears the feeling was mutual. 

“After the year we’ve all had, this feels like the friendship I never knew I needed,” said Dr Brown, “It’s hard to believe Agro’s been in the television wilderness for 20 years. Although going by the state of his fur, there’s every chance it was the actual wilderness. But honestly, it’s nice to have him back. His charisma and quick wit has really been missed and really made me laugh. Now like a lot of strays, we just need to find him a home…and a flea treatment.” 

“I’d never heard of Dr Chris before I signed onto this Uber Eats campaign, but to be fair I’ve been in a box for the best part of a decade,” recalled Agro, “He showed me pretty quickly how much of a class act he is. Dr Chris was very kind and gentle on set, he must moisturise his hands. All jokes aside I am looking forward to staying close with the big guy and I wouldn’t want to rule out more screen time with the good doctor in 2021.”

While Dr Chris Brown will continue his exhaustive shoot schedule, filming at a remote location for his latest TV program, the moves of Agro, a multiple Logie winner in his own right are less certain right now.

“Getting a taste of the lights, camera and action reminded me just how much I’ve missed being in the spotlight – or any kind of light for that matter, it was very dark in that attic. I’ve mellowed a lot in the last few years and am looking forward to showing people even more of my acting range. I’ve got big plans for next year and I am looking forward to sharing them soon,” said Agro.

Watch the trailer here.