This week is Stay Smart Online Week across Australia. At Uber we thought that was a good time to remind people how to keep their accounts – including their Uber account – safe online.

So during October, people will see practical tips from experts in their Uber app when taking ride. From two-factor authentication to unique passwords, this is an opportunity for people to beef up their account security and stay smart online.

Password reuse is still the number one cause of compromised accounts online. When people use the same password on multiple sites, and one of those sites is compromised, it doesn’t take much for a bad actor to access other accounts where people have used the same password.

Uber will send email notifications when changes are made to your account, including someone logging in from a new device or changing the email address to be sure it was really you making the change. But there are steps you can take before that to help keep your account safe.

Of course the best thing to do is to use unique passwords. But there is help at hand for those that don’t always do this. Two factor authentication, also known as 2FA, helps prevent someone else from logging into your account even if they have your password. Unlike other transportation companies in the region, 2FA is available right in the Uber app.

Uber’s Global Chief Information Security Officer, John ‘Four’ Flynn, said Uber’s security teams work hard to protect people’s accounts and detect suspicious behaviour, but small steps by individuals can also go a long way.

“At Uber, we are deeply committed to consumer security which includes technical systems and a team of experts monitoring consumer accounts for suspicious activity, and significant cybersecurity investments in securing our platform.

“For example, your credit card data is immediately encrypted in the Uber app, which is one of our layers of protection that helps prevent someone from stealing it and using it elsewhere. That is a deliberate design by our security team to protect people’s financial information.

“I’d encourage all Uber Australia users to check out the two-step verification controls in the security settings of the Uber app and choose their preferred method for receiving this extra authentication when logging in to their account. And take the time this Stay Smart Online Week to see if other online accounts you hold enable two factor authentication as well.”

Tips to Stay Smart online:

  • Use a unique password for every online account. Don’t use your Uber password on any other website or service.
  • Where available, turn on two-step verification for all your online accounts. It only takes a few minutes to set up.
  • Don’t share your password or verification codes with anyone. Uber will never ask you for this information
  • Scammers are clever. Be cautious of phone calls, text messages, and emails from anyone claiming to be an Uber employee. The same goes for many everyday companies you have accounts with.
  • Check for past breaches: There’s a free service called, which can help you check if your passwords have been stolen and sold online.

If you notice any suspicious activity on your account, report it to us immediately in the mobile app or at