The Closing Loopholes Bill secures a more certain future for Australia’s gig workers. This important legislation paves the way for improved standards for workers while preserving their status as independent contractors, which is central to how they engage with platforms like Uber.

Over the past decade, companies like ours have revolutionised the way people engage in work, creating a new way for Aussies to earn money on their own terms. The Government’s reform process has represented a one-in-a-generation opportunity to establish new laws tailored to this modern way of work.

Throughout the reforms, we have championed the voices of the more than 150,000 Australians who choose to earn with Uber. Drivers and delivery people have told us consistently that choosing how and when they work is what they value most in partnering with Uber. We are pleased that the new laws recognise the importance of this flexibility while setting out to raise the bar for gig workers.

The Closing Loopholes Bill is a significant step forward in ensuring a sustainable future for Australia’s gig economy. We applaud the Parliament for recognising the unique nature of platform work and taking this bold step to modernise Australia’s industrial relations system for new and emerging forms of work.

The full impact of the legislation will be determined by the Fair Work Commission in the coming months, and our hope is that it will make orders consistent with the intent of this bill.