In more than 300 cities across the globe, people are using the Uber Eats app because it’s a fast, reliable way to get their favourite food delivered by their favourite restaurants in minutes.

In order to maintain the speed, reliability, and selection people expect from the Uber Eats experience, restaurants need delivery partners to be available to deliver their orders, especially during peak times.

That’s why, starting today, a new busy area fee is being introduced on Uber Eats in Auckland and Canberra. Wellington already has a busy area fee in place. For these three cities a new delivery partner surge feature is also being introduced, which will allow delivery partners to earn more in busy times.

The app will always show the delivery fee upfront before users place an order. If a busy area fee applies, an arrow will appear below the restaurant name and the higher delivery fee will be displayed above the menu and reflected on the order receipt.

This feature is live in many overseas markets already and  is an important step to help ensure that we maintain reliability and selection on the marketplace in times of high demand where selection may otherwise be limited. As always, we’ll be listening to feedback and working on additional improvements in the coming weeks and months.