Whether its pet food, groceries, documents or packages — Uber’s platform can now help Australian businesses deliver it. 

From today, Uber is piloting a new service in response to COVID-19 that will enable businesses to get their customers same day or scheduled deliveries by tapping into the existing Uber rides network. This will help businesses meet unprecedented demand for delivery, and help Australians stay at home while still getting the items they and their families need. 

The option will first be available for select businesses in Melbourne, and once established we plan to make this feature available in other major cities after the Easter break.

A month ago riders were taking 16 million trips a day on the Uber platform across the globe, now we’re urging riders to stay home as much as they can. In that time, the needs of Australian businesses have changed rapidly as well. 

Businesses are now facing extraordinary circumstances and unprecedented pressure on their traditional delivery networks. This is one way Uber’s platform can help support businesses during this difficult time and importantly ensure people can get the items they need, when they need them. It also provides driver-partners on the Uber platform a new earnings opportunity. 

More than anything, we want to help limit the spread by discouraging people from moving around unnecessarily, because the more people who stay at home, the safer it is for people who do need to be outdoors. 

Uber for Business Australia General Manager Georgia Foster added that the feature will be available through the Uber for Business platform. 

“Thousands of Australian small, medium and large enterprises are already using the Uber for Business platform to enable employees to travel seamlessly. Now they will be able to use the Uber for Business platform to move items such as office equipment around to help staff who are working from home.”

Australian businesses who are interested in trialling this new delivery offering, can sign up here. 

How delivery with Uber for Business works for business customers

Businesses will be able to:

  • Book on demand parcel pick-ups through your business dashboard
  • Manage multiple deliveries in real-time
  • Request a pick-up immediately for urgent delivery or schedule when required to be completed by a delivery-partner signed up to the Uber platform
  • Track parcel pick-up and delivery via the dashboard
  • Send custom notes to driver-partners for seamless, contactless delivery