Millions of people across the globe use the Uber app to make extra money. 89% of them do so fewer than 40 hours per week, often because they are pursuing other dreams – whether that’s starting a small business, launching a new career, going to school, or just trying to help their family get ahead. 

In Australia, research has found that 79% of delivery people work an average of 30 hours or less per week with Uber Eats, while nearly half of all driver-partners spend a maximum of 10 hours per week using the rides platform and just 8% drive between 30 and 40 hours per week.

While the Uber platform has delivered unparalleled flexibility and ease of access to earnings for many, we want to help people continue to get more out of working using the Uber platform both on and off the road. From today, new global resources for driver partners and delivery people who use the Uber app are being made available in Australia – expanding our app to be a place where people can also learn a new language.

First, we are partnering with Rosetta Stone to give driver-partners and delivery people the opportunity to learn a new language or improve existing language skills — for free. Rosetta’s language learning resources will be fully integrated with our Driver app and those earning with Uber will be able to use it to learn all of the 25 languages available on Rosetta Stone. 

We also want to make it easier to show the experience and dedication driver partners and delivery people put into their work while using the Uber app. Starting today, all driver partners and delivery people can request a statement of activity from Uber that describes the work they’ve done while using the Uber app including when they first signed up to use the app, the number of trips or deliveries they’ve done, their average customer rating, and top feedback from riders and customers. Driver partners and delivery people can use the statement of activity to show the work they have done earning using the app as evidence of their experience in job or other applications.

We want to do more to continue to improve the Uber experience. We will continue to ask for their feedback and consult our newly established Australian earner advisory forums on ways we can build on and add to these initiatives to do just that.