The world’s most high profile matriarch Kris Jenner ignites the latest campaign from Uber Eats with a simple enough question to her famous offspring Kendall.

“I’m on Uber Eats, want anything?” To which her dextrous model daughter queries – “Anything?” 

In sixty seconds viewers are transported to vignettes that slice between the Jenner’s kitchen and locations across Australia with backdrops at the beach, in a podcast studio, the gym, a birthing suite, a clown car, a tennis court and a destroyed living room as the cast cover off some of the everyday items you can now order on Uber Eats (like sunscreen, shaving cream, WD40, sushi and soft cheese) as well as some of things you can’t muster up yet (like time travel, friendly cats and new nicknames).

The American duo are complemented by an unlikely but loveable trio. Memorable cameos land in scene stealing turns from Australian legends including former tennis grand slam finalist Mark Philippoussis (seeking to rebrand away from his old moniker of “the poo”), musician Shannon Noll (craving a chance to rewrite history) and media personality Abbie Chatfiled (pining for a particularly on brand item). 

Director of Marketing, Uber ANZ, Andy Morley “This year we will continue to deepen our get “anything” offering across Uber Eats – building on our already rich range of restaurants, greengrocers, supermarkets, fishmongers, butchers, florists, to add even more retail items. While takeaway food will remain a hallmark, as our selection deepens and evolves we believe it’s time for a new brand platform to capture that. Get almost, almost anything absolutely does that job for us.”

Launching during the Australian Open the first spot sees the all star cast assemble but there are also a series of breakaway clips that follow, zooming in on some of the moments in the launch film.

In one Kendall Jenner recreates her now infamous fruit cutting moment, while in another Kris Jenner lists some of the items available on Uber Eats, that she believes start with the letter K including – “Kookies, Kat food, Karrot Kake, Koffee.” When Kendall challenges her mother – “Coffee doesn’t start with a K,” she is quickly reminded by Hollywood’s branding mastermind that “Anything can start with a K.”

Musician Shannon Noll’s scenes are equally memorable, especially when he is in full stretch on a pilates reformer. It was an experience he enjoyed being a part of, “These Uber Eats campaigns have been iconic from the get-go. It’s been absolutely awesome to be a part of it this time. I know Kim Kardashian’s Uber cameo was a high bar – but we’re going to see some sibling rivalry with this one as it might be ‘almost’ better. For my part I’ve tried to bring some Aussie grunt to this one, in the same way Magda did last time around. I hope people get a chuckle out of it.” 

Broadcaster Abbie Chatfield also found the script and the cast hit the right tone, “Like many Aussies I’ve always admired the way Uber Eats cracks culture with unlikely cameos throughout their campaigns. When I found out Kendall, Kris, Shannon and Mark were associated with this get almost anything idea, I jumped on board and was delighted to work with the creative team on my scenes.”

The campaign will see assets debut across linear media, video on demand, out of home, audio, online video and social.