Extra Large Thursday Night

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A special promotional event will make tonight an extra busy one!

Expect peak demand at 7pm (to the event) and again at 9:30pm (from the event in Currumbin).

Invite a Friend – You Get $250 – They Get $250


We are putting some serious money on the table in the ramp up to what will be a super busy Summer!
  1. Tell friends to sign up to drive using your referral code
  2. After they do 20 trips, you will get $250 and they will get $250
  3. Don’t stop now! Collect as many $250 referral incentives as you can – this offer ends 11th October 2015!

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Weekly Five Star Partner Tip


“When pulling up at night flick your interior lights on, it makes your vehicle more inviting and makes it easier to spot/recognize you from the kerb– Kyle (4.9)

Share your 5 star partner tip here. Be creative! The more variety, the better.

News in the World of Uber

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Turnbull’s Favorite Word “Disruption” Defined.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that newly elected Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been talking a lot about embracing “disruption,” noting that Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen “defines a disruptive technology as one that ‘takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors.’”

Interview: Uber’s Kitschke On Queensland Taxi Strategy.

The ABC interviewed Uber’s Director of Public Policy Brad Kitschke about Queensland, Australia officials’ push to update taxi regulations, noting that Deputy Premier Jackie Trad reiterated that the review of the taxi industry will be independent despite donations from the Taxi Council.

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