This Sunday, more than 80,000 people will take part in City2Surf, starting at Hyde Park and running along the harbour and onto beautiful Bondi Beach. If you’re in it to win it, upping your carb intake in the few days prior is essential to make it to the finish line. Just strolling with your mates? You may not need days of carb loading for physical performance but we reckon it could definitely improve your mental game.

Here are four healthy options to help you fuel up for City2Surf.


Oats contain both soluble and insoluble fibre, giving you slow release energy and lowering your cholesterol. Soaking or cooking oats in the form of a warming bowl of winter porridge or a dried-fruit studded cup of bircher makes them easier to digest, and much more delicious, making them the ideal brekky choice in the week before a big run.

Where to order: If you’re in the CBD, check out the Strawberry and Coyo Bircher from Soma Sydney. This vegan bowl of goodness is served with coconut yoghurt and fresh strawberries. In the city’s east? Try Indigo Double Bay’s house-made Natural Muesli with raspberry and strawberry compote – it’s the perfect pre-workout treat!


Quinoa, barley, brown rice, noodles, and starchy veggies like sweet potato, corn or beetroot will give your lunchtime salad a carb-boost and keep you feeling full throughout the day. If you work out in the mornings, it’ll have the added bonus of refuelling you after your workout.

Where to order: The Farm Wholefood’s Glow Bowl is super healthy while still being super delicious. Packed full of superfoods (we’re talking kale, avos and salmon), it’ll keep those arvo cravings at bay. We’re also loving The OG from Fishbowl, a Sydney fave packed with rice, salmon sashimi and delicious sesame dressing.


Boost up your energy with freshly-squeezed juice, and not just green juices – fruit juice is a great source of carbs too. High in much-needed sugars and with plenty of fibre, if you grab a piece of fruit or snack on fruit salad between meals, you’ll keep your stamina constant in a way you just can’t match with energy bars or sweets.

Where to order: Don’t just grab a juice, grab an epic juice! Head to Organic Produce Cafe for a  Macatac Smoothie, a moreish combo of mango, avo, spinach, blanched kale, silken tofu, almond milk and maca. Cali Press’ Enigma is another super healthy option, packed with, carrot, orange, green apple and turmeric.


We’re always hearing about the benefits of fibre and complex carbohydrates, but actually, in the lead-up to a big event like City2Surf, low fibre carbs like white rice are ideal. You’ll have heaps of quick-release energy stored up, and, especially important in the days just before a race, you’ll save your digestive system from working overtime.

Where to order: Pop into Wandee Thai on the UberEATS app for a carb-loaded traditional Thai style fried rice with egg, mixed veggies and your choice of protein. Arisun’s Stone Pot Bi Bim Bab is the perfect balance of bulgogi beef, pickled veggies, and starchy rice with that famous ‘crust’ formed by the heat of the stone pot.


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