While 2021 may have caught a few of us off guard, there were plenty of pleasant surprises where our national spirit and mateship shone through.

Looking at the scorecard for the last 12 months Uber’s platform data shows many Aussies are healthier, thriftier and kinder than ever before. 

Below we look back at 21 of the defining stats that shaped activity in Australia on the Uber and Uber Eats apps in 2021.

  1. Cavendish bananas were the most popular grocery item on Uber Eats this year – the curvy item eclipsing mandarins and strawberries as the most popular item.
  2. In fruit related segues – locals in Orange in NSW were the gold standard for tipping, providing a tip more often than any other city in Australia.
  3. Generosity was a frequent scene this year despite Australians being massive savers at heart. Uber Pass members notched on average more than $4 million in savings every month since the program launched in May this year.
  4. A legendary driver partner from Sydney led the way for the most quality compliments (more than five a day) edging out the best of Brisbane and the most awesome of Adelaide who weren’t far behind.
  5. Residents in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were the most likely to stretch their legs and walk to their local restaurant as the highest users of the “Pickup” function on Uber Eats.
  6. Queenslanders were overjoyed to have the cricket back at the Gabba with the Ashes test match weekend clocking up the most amount of trips in the sunshine state for the year. 
  7. Melbournites were the most likely to be midnight feasting – munching late into the night and early in the morning with the highest number of meals between 10pm and 4am.
  8. Australians and New Zealanders shared one thing in common – their love of sweet and sour sauce which was the most requested condiment for 2021 in both countries.
  9. It seems Australians also had a fondness for New Zealand produce, with Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough the most popular wine ordered from merchants in Melbourne and Sydney. 
  10. The nicest rider of the year hailed from Melbourne, they dished out an immense 641 compliments to driver partners. 
  11. The top Uber Pass member saved $3,558 on their orders with Uber Eats (enough to cover nearly 20 years of Uber Pass membership at just $14.99 a month)
  12. The most savvy rider saved $2,524 on Uber rides in 2021 thanks to Uber Pass.
  13. The Sydney Opera House still pulled in a crowd as the 8th most popular outdoor venue globally – and the only venue from Asia Pacific inside Uber’s global top 10 destinations.
  14. The most polite eaters in Australia hailed from Bunbury – with the West Australians showering the most comments featuring please and thank you this year.
  15. With borders shut – beer became one gateway to international adventure. The most popular frothie in NSW hailed from Mexico (Corona) while the go-to for Victorian ale enthusiasts was Japanese hops (Asahi).
  16. Across the nation, chips were the most popular side of the year. 
  17. Carbs were also prominent on the shelves of supermarkets, with the humble potato the most stocked item by grocery merchants on Uber Eats.
  18. With more of us spending more time at home there was a massive surge in “family meals” with bundles the fastest growing order category with Melbourne a front runner here too. 
  19. A Perth resident topped the charts for the top up shop. Leading the way when it came to supporting their local grocer with a $1000 order from their neighbourhood IGA. 
  20. The most refined eaters were from Sydney with the highest numbers of special instructions to restaurants.
  21. With plenty of time to binge watch TV over the last 12 months it was hardly surprising that ice cream, chocolate and milk were the most ordered convenience items. 

We’d like to sign off on the year that has been by thanking all the incredible eaters, restaurants, merchants, driver partners, riders and delivery people who interact with the Uber platform in such a positive way. We’re looking forward to bringing more magic at the push of a button to even more Australians in 2022.

Alcohol delivery is currently only available in VIC and NSW. User must be 18+. ID required. See merchants’ liquor licence number on the Uber Eats app.