At Uber we’re delighted to partner with world class cities and once again we’ve witnessed some of the most premium destinations and the best riders on the planet are Australian based.

This year the Sydney Opera House was the eleventh most popular location to visit using the Uber app in the world, ahead of the Vatican and the Taj Mahal. It’s perhaps not surprising with tourists from 83 countries logging onto the Uber app while visiting Australia.

On the back of scUber roaring to life in Queensland, Hervey Bay witnessed the second biggest increase globally in the amount of tourists from different countries to ride with Uber. With fifty six different nationalities using the Uber app, a spike from visitors from just 20 countries the year before.

Nationally more than fifteen hundred Uber riders celebrated what it feels like to be treated like a VIP and responded by tipping their driver partner the maximum $50. Sydney led the wave of generosity contributing more than $28,000 in $50 tips alone.

Across Australia driver partners made Nicholas Cage’s Gone in 60 Seconds film look sluggish, with the fastest pick up happening in three seconds. While a Brisbane rider was the chief beneficiary there – Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast also recorded pick ups in five seconds or less. 

Nationally the top rated riders hail from the Gold Coast, with the highest average rating in the country at 4.8, while a Queenslander also captured the honours for the most rides in a day, with a business person getting safely from A to B 29 times in 24 hours. And while not the same person, a Brisbane rider also clocked up the longest ride of the year from the airport at 900km – possibly after missing a flight. 

The comfort and convenience of Uber for airport rides – not to mention the ability to earn Qantas points – has again been popular in 2019, with airports in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide among the most frequented destinations in the country.

Australians have already begun to unlock the earning potential of Uber Rewards while overseas, with Aussies using the Uber app in sixty-four different countries around the world. The USA, UK, New Zealand, France and Germany were the five most popular spots for Australians to ride with Uber while away from home. While driver partners in Australia welcomed Uber users from 83 different countries.

And in a win for Victorian sporting fans the busiest day for Uber in Australia was AFL Grand Final day.

Hungry for More Data?

Globally the Uber Eats app revealed food trends that could provide insights into what will be running hot in 2020.

Seinfeld fans the world over can rejoice, because there is a soup for you. Soup continues to increase in popularity with bone broth and udon increasing in global searches. 

Japanese cuisine is still simmering in popularity terms with ramen keeping eaters satisfied all year long. In fact the total length of all the noodles ordered in 2019 is 9x longer than the distance from Sydney to Tokyo.

The sushi train also rolled on globally with the amount of bite sized goodness ordered in 2019 weighing the equivalent of 25,800 cases of beer.

Salads are also here to stay. In fact, if you stacked all the heads of lettuce from the salads ordered in 2019, it would be the height of 893 Burj Khalifas. It’s hardly surprising considering there were 37 thousand salads ordered in one month in Australia alone. 

Across the country the amount of searches for ‘vegan’, ‘keto’ and ‘kombucha’ also increased by more than 25 percent versus 12 months earlier. 

The hungriest family may have tried a different search term, likely typing carnivore for their order of ribs and wings from a Gold Coast restaurant partner, which at $896.65 was the biggest order of the year.

Australia’s hungriest consumer ordered 196 times throughout the year.

Most Australian eaters are at their most peckish at 6pm on a Friday but a craving for caffeine appears to be at any hour with the equivalent of 16 thousand litres of hot beverages ordered using the Eats app in 2019. Although perhaps surprisingly there were more orders for juice than coffee.

Poke Bowls continued their popular run with 159,408 ordered so far in 2019 but they weren’t the most popular meal after midnight. That title went to the Halal Snack Pack with Melbourne the most avid HSP fans.