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Watch: What’s ahead for Uber for Business

October 8, 2018 / Global

At GBTA 2018 in San Diego, we sat down to discuss the latest trends we’re seeing in business travel and what’s ahead for Uber for Business.

Watch the full video above featuring Ronnie Gurion, global head of Uber for Business, or keep reading for our key takeaways.

1. Machine learning will improve traveler experiences

It can be more than a little annoying when you accidentally use the wrong payment method for work trips. While we’ve built ways to handle these moments in the Uber app, we’re also working on preventing these mistakes from occurring in the first place. Most recently, Uber for Business is leveraging machine learning from our consumer product to help predict when a ride is for a business or personal trip.

“We want to make it more efficient for the rider by avoiding any misclassifications that occur because people are using Uber so frequently for their personal and business life,” said Gurion. And that helps travel managers keep track of usage and spending without having to waste time going back and forth with their finance team.

2. Location data helps you keep your travelers safe

To assist businesses in meeting their duty of care obligations, we’re integrating Uber for Business with SAP Concur Locate. “Given how frequently people use Uber, that data is valuable for companies to know where their employees are should the situation arise for emergency management,” said Gurion.

3. There’s a macro trend of merging personal and business tools

If you manage travel at a company of any size, you’re certainly aware of how personal preferences can dictate the tools your travelers use. It’s easier to drive adoption of a technology that travelers are already using, and Uber for Business helps travel managers align their business objectives with travelers’ everyday lives.

“Look at the way mobile phone policies have changed and services like Slack or Dropbox that start as consumer tools that then penetrated the enterprise,” said Gurion. “I think Uber is similar, and companies want to adopt and meet the needs of what the business travelers said they wanted.”

Summing up

Business travel is getting more streamlined every day, and Uber for Business is excited to be a part of that. We’re constantly improving our offering through leveraging new technology to solve the little annoyances, partnering with others to assist in duty of care obligations, smoothing out the organization process of technology adoption, and more.

There’s a lot that Uber for Business can do for you and your organization to make ground transportation better for travelers. If you’re interested in learning more contact our team, or click Enroll your company below to create an account.