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January is generally a quiet month for ridesharing

December 20, 2019 / Australia

Ridesharing is generally quieter after Super Season, with most of the city on holidays. If you were thinking of taking a well earned break from the road after a busy few months, you might choose January as your month to do so.

Trip requests in Australia and New Zealand by month:

Planning when to drive in January

Since ridesharing is quieter this month, it’s even more important to plan and make the most of your time. There may be more trips and opportunities during peak hours. Plus, during peak hours you’ll also earn 5 times the Uber Pro points for each trip you complete.

Peak hours:

Tips from an experienced partner

We hear from Anoop, a long-time rideshare driver from Melbourne about how he’s wrapping up a busy Super Season and preparing for the quieter month of January.

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