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Connect and parcel deliveries pilots

January 27 / Brisbane

Our Connect and parcel delivery products have been piloting in select Australian and New Zealand cities. We launched these pilots as people were limiting their movements due to COVID-19 and we wanted to help them continue to get the items they need using the Uber Driver app and also to open up another option for driver- partners to earn during those evolving times. 

Changes coming from 1 March 2021

We have learnt a lot from these pilots and as a result we are making some changes to how the products operate in the future. Due to these changes if you are not already opted-in to the pilot version of these products you will no longer be able to do so and these pilots will end on 28 February 2021.

From 1 March, delivery people will have exclusive access to all delivery trips requested on the Uber platform (including non-food (parcel) deliveries), and driver-partners to rideshare trips. This means that driver-partners will only be able to accept rideshare trips and not parcel delivery requests.

Want to become a delivery person? 

You can switch to become a delivery person if you prefer that the Uber Driver app sends you delivery requests instead of rideshare trip requests. You can request this change by contacting the Uber Support via the Driver App. Just keep in mind that this may take up to 3 days during which you won’t be able to go online using the Uber app. You may also need to upload your documents again.

Thank you for being a part of our parcel delivery pilot and moving what mattered.

Find out more about how Connect will operate in 2021 here.

Find out more about how non-food (parcel) deliveries will operate from 1 March 2021 here.

Existing pilot products

See below for how the pilot products currently work and FAQs.

Uber Connect

With Uber Connect, you can help friends and family stay connected by letting them send things like flowers, household essentials, or care packages to each other.

How it works:

  1. Accept an Uber Connect request: It’s similar to accepting a ride request. You’ll receive a “Connect” request in the Driver app, and you can choose to accept or decline it.
  2. Meet the sender kerbside: After accepting an Uber Connect request, you may receive a message in the app from the sender with additional pick up and drop-off notes. The sender will meet you kerbside to safely load the package into the boot of your vehicle and help minimise contact. Delivery packages should weigh less than 20 kg, and should fit comfortably in the boot of a mid-size vehicle. 
  3. Deliver the package: Bring the package to the recipient at the drop off location. If you are unable to connect with the recipient, try to contact the sender to resolve the issue before ending the trip. 
  4. Earn for every delivery: Fares for Uber Connect are calculated to compensate you for the extra time and effort it takes to pick up an item. You can see a breakdown of your earnings in the Uber app. 
  5. You’re in control: If you prefer not to do package delivery, you can turn Connect off in the Preferences section of the Driver app. You can always turn it on again later.

Parcel deliveries from businesses

You’re also able to help businesses move items from A to B. 

How it works:

  1. Receiving requests Just like with UberX, you will receive requests for parcel deliveries in your Driver app. You’ll see that it’s a parcel delivery request on the request screen.
  2. Arriving at the pickup location Your Driver app will navigate you to the pickup location. You’ll be able to see detailed instructions for where to pick up the items in your Driver app. 
  3. Picking up the items Look for items labeled with the information shown in the pickup notes of your Driver app, and bring them to your vehicle. If you’re having trouble finding the pickup location or items, you can contact the sender in the Driver app. Keep in mind you may be asked to leave your car to go collect the items. 
  4. Navigating to the drop-off After you securely place the items in your vehicle, start the trip and follow the navigation as usual.
  5. Dropping off the items Leave the items at the door when you arrive at the drop-off location, and take a photo of them in a safe place.
  6. Ending the trip End the trip just as you would with UberX.

No-contact pickups and drop-offs

Pickups and drop-offs are designed to be contactless to help with social distancing. High volume pickup locations may have a parking and queuing area. And, you can leave the item(s) at the door for drop-off.

Answering your questions about parcel deliveries from businesses: