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Uber For Business In Australia

August 7, 2015 / Australia


Uber for Business is available in Australia. With a centralised billing platform and uberX fares that are typically 25-35% cheaper than a taxi, Uber could be a great fit for your business.

The Uber for Business platform includes a centralised billing system and a travel dashboard that business administrators can use to manage Uber usage by employees. Employees can bill their rides to the central account, cutting down on company credit cards, reimbursements, and time intensive expense reports.

Employees have access to this new payment option in their Uber app, and with products offered at every price point, employees can travel in style around the world while staying within their company’s budget.


Q: Can I use Uber for Business?

Yes! Visit to learn how to setup centralised Uber billing and reporting for your team today. Your boss will be super happy to know that uberX fares are still typically 25-35% cheaper than a taxi.

Q: Will I get a Tax Invoice?

For rides costing under $82.50, Tax Invoices are not required by the ATO and will not be provided. (You may use email receipts or credit card statements for small purchases.) For trips above $82.50, you can email Uber to request a Tax Invoice from your driver, but these are not guaranteed since the tax circumstances of each partner differ. All rides with UberTaxi (Sydney) or UberBlack (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth) will always have a Tax Invoice that you can download from

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