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Learn More About Uber Child Seat Trips

November 7, 2022 / Australia

We know driver-partners like yourself want to support young Aussie families to move around easily and safely. That’s why Uber is trialling Uber Child Seat, a new ride option connecting driver-partners with a pre-approved child seat and booster child seat for families who need to travel with their child(ren).

Eligible driver-partners have been invited to participate in the Uber Child Seat Trial when it launches in Melbourne in December.

Uber has partnered with Baby Bunting, Australia’s leading child seat retailer, to give you exclusive access to discounted pre-approved child seat models and in-person installation education.

About the Uber Child Seat Trial

Uber Child Seat Onboarding Requirements

Approved Child Seat Models for the Trial

Prior Education in Installing the Two Child Seat Models

Taking Trips with Uber Child Seat

After the Uber Child Seat Trial