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The 2021 Uber Eats Cravings Report

January 23 / Australia

Australia and New Zealand

Our Uber Eats Cravings Report is a snapshot of the most popular, most extra, and most unique delivery order requests we see each year. Over the past twelve months, your customers have relied on you to get anything from sandwiches to toilet paper – and everything in between. And after delivering those items, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what your customers like. So let’s look back at the past year, where we Eats-ed more than ever, to find some trends that might surprise you.

We’re going bananas. Cavendish bananas were the most popular grocery item on the Uber Eats app over the last year – the curvy item eclipsed mandarins and strawberries as the most popular item.

#takeawayday. Friday remained the most popular day of the week to make the most of our food and grocery delivery options.  

Grab and go. Residents in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane were the most likely to stretch their legs and walk to their local restaurant as the highest users of the “Pickup” option on the Uber Eats app.

Midnight feasting. Melbournites were the most likely to be midnight feasting – munching late into the night and early in the morning with the highest number of meals between 10 pm and 4 am.

Getting saucey. Australians and New Zealanders shared one thing in common – their love of sweet and sour sauce which was the most requested condiment for 2021 in both countries.

Some like it spicy. Requests for extra chilly are on the rise, with over 46 thousand requests this year. 

Wine not? It seems Australians also had a fondness for New Zealand produce, with Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough the most popular wine ordered from merchants in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Manners matter. The most polite eaters in Australia hailed from Bunbury – with the West Australians showering the most comments featuring ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ for this year.

It’s 5:00 PM on the Uber Eats app. With borders shut – beer became one gateway to international adventure. The most popular frothie in NSW hailed from Mexico (Corona) while the go-to for Victorian ale enthusiasts was Japanese hops (Asahi).

Sides with that? Across the nation, chips were the most popular side of the year – in fact, we sold more than 26 million over the year.  

Spudtacular. Carbs were also prominent on the shelves of supermarkets, with the humble potato the most stocked item by grocery merchants on the Uber Eats app.

Feeding the fam. With more of us spending more time at home there was a massive surge in “family meals” with bundles the fastest-growing order category 

5 star ratings. The Uber Eats community was more thankful than ever this year with over 15 million 5 star ratings given to our restaurants. 

Now that’s convenient. A Perth resident topped the charts for the top-up shop. Leading the way when it came to supporting their local grocer with a $1000 order from their neighbourhood IGA. 

Picky eaters. The most refined eaters were from Sydney with the highest number of special instructions to restaurants.

Comfort food. With plenty of time to binge-watch TV over the last 12 months, it was hardly surprising that ice cream, chocolate, and milk were the most ordered convenience items. 

Every delivery counts. Our shortest delivery was 20 meters, we still delivered. 

We 💚 emojis. Uber Eats users loved learning that they could search for their favorite dishes using food emojis – whether they were looking for 🍣, 🍕, 🍦 or 🍾, they used emojis to satisfy their cravings

We’d like to thank all the incredible eaters, restaurants, merchants, and delivery people who interact with the Uber Eats platform in such a positive way. We’re looking forward to bringing more magic at the push of a button to even more in 2022.

Alcohol delivery is currently only available in VIC and NSW. The user must be 18+. Valid ID is required to be presented. See merchants’ liquor licence numbers on the Uber Eats app.