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January 14 / Australia

Imagine it’s 2050 and the oceans are clean and there are thousands of fish swimming happily and freely in open water. Like Nemo & Dory from Finding Nemo. There’s no plastic in sight because everyone has made one BIG small change to get here.

With over 7,000 food orders made every hour in Australia and 73% percent of millennials placing their food orders through food delivery apps¹, it’s safe to say that food delivery is all the rage. However, with food delivery comes the need for packaging…packaging that is strong, suitable and good for the environment.

The Eco-Products® range is all of these things and is here to help you takeaway the impact. It’s the plant-based takeaway packaging inspired by the need to minimise our environmental footprint and deliver change for good.

The Eco-Products Story®

With an idea, a garage, and a desire to help the planet, Kent and Steve Savage founded Eco-Products® on October 1, 1990. The plan was to provide products made from recycled materials to businesses in central Colorado.

Three decades later, Eco-Products® has become and industry leader in sustainable packaging with a real understanding of the connection between the health of the planet and the impacts of disposable packaging, working to help customers be better stewards of the environment.

Eco-Products® is committed to getting a third-party stamp of approval for compostability because it’s critically important that all products compost properly. Every item carrying the Eco-Products® name is certified compostable or recyclable to the following international standards:

ASTM D6400               ASTM D6868 and or EN 13242               B-CORP^

^Companies who are certified B Corps have been verified to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

So what does this really mean for Eco-Products® from Detpak?

It means that you can be assured that in the age of many dubious sustainability claims, that the range from Eco-Products® is the genuine article. More importantly, it is reflective of our shared and ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices and responsible design.

Takeaway your impact today and select from our growing range.