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Your guide to Super Season

October 28, 2019 / Sydney

During November and December, we typically see more trips requested than the rest of the year. Plus, you can also expect more perks from Uber Pro partners – which can lead to higher earnings for you.

Here are some tips to make the most of the Super Season:

Planning when to drive

Make the most from your time on the road. There may be more trips and more opportunities during certain ‘peak’ hours. For example, we’ve found that drivers in Sydney can earn 23% more throughout the year driving during peak hours than non-peak hours. Plus, during peak hours you’ll also earn 5 times the Uber Pro points for each trip you complete.

Planning where to drive

Similarly, there are certain areas where you are more likely to get trip requests

Remember, you’re in the driver’s seat, so when and where you drive remains up to you.

Keeping safe on the road

Tip #1 – Stay focused

November and December bring increased traffic and more events. Stay focused while driving and always follow the road rules closely.

Tip #2 – Pick up and drop off where it’s safe to do so

If a rider requests a pickup from a location you don’t feel comfortable stopping, find somewhere safe to stop, then call and direct them to where you are. 

Tip #3 – End a trip if you need to

In the rare case that a rider is being unreasonable or disrespectful, simply pull over somewhere safe, politely let them out and end the trip. 

Tip #4 – Safety features at your fingertips

In an emergency, you can quickly tap the ‘shield’ icon to call emergency services directly from the Driver app.

January is a good month to take a break

With most of Sydney away on holidays, trip requests are usually lower after Super Season. If you were thinking of taking a well earned break from the road after a busy few months, you might choose January as your month to do so.