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Rideshare Pickup Zone for Major Events at Sydney Olympic Park

August 15, 2018 / Sydney

Sydney Olympic Park is trialling a Rideshare Pickup Area for major events (events with over 50,000 attendees).

The first event for this trial is on Saturday 18 August for the Bledisloe Cup between Wallabies and the All Blacks, kicking off at 7:45 PM.

Rideshare Pickup Area

To get to the Rideshare Pickup Area in the P2 Car Park (Aquatic Centre car park), simply enter
from the Edwin Flack Ave X Birnie Ave intersection side. Pass the boom gates and take a ticket. This entry will be free of charge if you arrive after the times listed below.

Riders will be guided to this pickup location by event staff, signage, and in-app directions.

Warning: Olympic Park has advised that police will issue fines for pickups that happen in No Stopping Zones, including Australia Ave. To avoid a possible fine and ensure an efficient pickup experience, please ensure you use the designated Rideshare Pickup Zone.

Entry Route:

  • Coming from Australia Ave? Take a left on Sarah Durack Ave, right on Edwin Flack Ave, then a right on Shane Gould Ave.
  • Coming from Parramatta Rd? Turn onto Birnie Ave towards Olympic Park. This turns into Shane Gould Ave and leads into the car park.

In the Car Park:

To enter the Car Park, you’ll need to pass through a boom gate and take a ticket. Please ensure you enter the Car Park at the time listed below to avoid getting charged an entry fee. Parking staff will be present at the boom gates to assist.

For the Bledisloe Cup, arrive after 8:30pm to access the car park free of charge.

Exit Route:

Exit via the boom gates and back onto Shane Gould Ave, which turns into Birnie Ave. From here, you can access Parramatta Rd.

Road Closures

We encourage all rideshare drivers to use the Rideshare Pickup Area in the P2 Car Park (Aquatic Centre car park), accessible from the Edwin Flack Ave X Birnie Ave intersection side.

The Sydney Olympic Park Authority has advised that fines will be issued by police for any pickups that happen in No Stopping Zones, especially on Australia Ave. There will be No Stopping signs and increased police presence to enforce this.

Major Events at Olympic Park

The Rideshare Pickup Zone at Sydney Olympic Park will be in place for the following major events*:

    • 12 Aug 2018: Bledisloe Cup
    • 30 Sept 2018: NRL Grand Final
    • 2 Nov 2018: Taylor Swift concert
    • 8 Nov 2018: Bon Jovi concert

*Please note: this list may be updated at any time, so keep an eye out for any updates in-app.