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March 29 / Australia

Start a group order on Uber Eats so everyone can join a shared cart. Using your mobile Uber Eats app, you can choose between paying for everyone’s order or splitting the bill, and set a deadline for convenient payment and checkout.

Everyone in the order can see where their meals are with joint tracking, and meals are individually packaged for easy distribution.

How to start a group order on
  1. Select a restaurant and click on Start group order. 
  2. Edit the order name, enter the delivery address, and set a spending limit and a deadline for your team to place their order.
  3. Choose whether you want to pay for the whole order or select the option for guests to pay for themselves. 
  4. Review the details and share the link with your team.
  5. Once your team has added their order, click on Go to checkout.

Don’t forget to select your business profile. Click on Edit under Payment to select your payment option and place your order.

Frequently asked questions

How far in advance do I need to order? 

Large orders (15+individuals) are required to be scheduled at least 24hrs in advance. This gives the restaurant enough notice to appropriately staff, procure ingredients and prep for large food orders.

Whom can I invite to a group order?

Anyone can be invited to a group order. Participants do not have to be a part of your organisation, and they aren’t required to be signed in to their Uber account to join a group order paid for by the group order creator.

Can I order from multiple restaurants in a group order?

No. A group order can only be placed after selecting one restaurant.

Can I place an order for multiple destinations?

No. The creator of the group order must set one delivery address for the entire order.

Will I get my entire group order at once?

Yes. Your order will be delivered by one person, unless a second delivery person is required due to order size.

Will participants be able to track the order?

Yes. All participants of a group order will be able to track it. Once an order is placed, everyone’s browsers or app screens will be redirected to the tracking page.
Have additional questions? If you have issues with your order, check out the Uber Eats Help Center or go to Uber Eats support in-app. If you have account issues, please send an email to our business support team at