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Your guide to maximising your earnings this busy season

October 23, 2018 / Queensland

Trip requests in the Gold Coast June 2016 – February 2017

As the year draws to a close, more and more riders head out on beach trips, to Christmas parties, and for end of year celebrations.

Our data shows that trip requests from riders are usually highest in December and lowest in January.

We’ve spoken to top driver-partners to help put together this blog of tips that you can use to maximise your earnings from October to December.

This also means that in January, when trip requests are at their lowest, you can take a well earned break from driving, like many top driver-partners do.

“I tend to drive more in November and December when it’s busier on the road and treat my boys and myself to a holiday in Jan!”
– Rosslyn, Brisbane driver-partner

  • When most trip requests occur
  • Where most trip requests come from
  • Accepting all possible trips to maximise your earnings
  • Safety tips
  • Pro tips from top driver-partners

Drive more in the busy season to take a break in January

From January onwards, as riders make their New Year’s resolutions, zip up their wallets and re-focus on work or study, there are generally fewer trip requests. Top driver-partners say they use the first few months of the year as an opportunity to take a break from the road and recharge.