Driver Announcements

Rematch: arriving at Perth airport

May 1, 2019 / Perth

We’re trialling the feature for a limited time

After receiving positive feedback from a number of driver-partners across Australia, we have decided to run a short trial on Rematch at Perth Airport (Terminals 1 & 2) – the Driver app feature that can help you get requests faster at an airport.

How does Rematch work?

When you drop off a rider at Terminals 1 or 2 at Perth Airport, you may receive a new request quickly instead of having to wait in the virtual queue. If you don’t receive a request within a few moments, this means there are no Rematch trips available. If you’d like to receive another request, you should go to the designated waiting area where you will be automatically placed in the virtual queue.

Where can I use Rematch?

This trial will be running for a limited time only at Perth Airport (Terminals 1 and 2 only), and the feature may be discontinued at any point during the trial.

If you would like to experience the Rematch feature when dropping off riders at Perth Airport, remember you must continue moving through the airport after a drop-off and not wait around for Rematch trips. Waiting for a rematch trip at the drop-off or pick-up bays is not permitted.