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Packaging for Cravings

April 22 / Australia

We get it. It’s 10pm and hours have passed since dinner. Now the cravings have hit and the Uber Eats orders start rolling in.

They call it a dessert stomach. It’s basically a separate stomach entirely. We’ve all been there and we’re certainly not here to judge. Instead, we’re here to provide you with packaging solutions, for food cravings of all types.

Consumers usually fall into one of two categories. They might opt for something sickly-sweet like churros with caramel dipping sauce, or a salty savoury alternative like chicken nuggets with a generous side of fries.

Something sweet?

Packaging for sweet cravings can be tricky to navigate, especially as you may need to separate sauces, look at grease-resistant options or prevent desserts like ice-cream from melting in transit. To make things easier, we’ve listed some popular sweet foods and packaging that just makes sense.

Iced Donuts, Vanilla Slice, Banana Bread, Cookies, Lollies

Bakery items of all types are a popular choice for sweet cravings. There’s something about carbs and sugar that hits the spot. We recommend keeping your packaging simple and cost effective for these items by selecting from our range of flat bags, which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a grease proof option for some sweets that may require it.

Protein Balls, Chocolate Truffles, Yoghurt & Fruit, Açai Bowls

Detpak’s Bowls are your best packaging option for these delicious cravings. Available in 12oz, 16oz, 24oz and 30oz – these bowls are a reliable choice for serving hot and cold foods. Match these bowls with a lid to safely secure their contents for delivery.

Churros, Waffles & Crepes

These cravings often contain multiple components that need to be separated to optimise presentation and protect food in transit. We recommend going for one of our lunch boxes, takeaway boxes or the regular snack box from the Endura range for a more premium option. Check out our Eco-Products Portion Sugarcane Cup which can be used for liquids including chocolate and caramel sauces, maple syrup and whipped cream. They’re also handy little cups for dry contents such as sprinkles and nuts. Ensure you seal the portion cup closed with a lid.

Something Savoury?

This one’s for those who sell burgers, chips, chicken nuggets, savoury bakery items or Asian offerings like dumplings, dim sims and spring rolls.
We’re talking about those ‘My dinner didn’t fill me up’ or, ‘I just got home from a night out’ late night cravings.

Burgers & Chips

The most important factor when packaging burgers and chips for delivery – is heat retention, closely followed by premium presentation. The Endura range is made with a sturdy, corrugated fluted board so it’s ideal for hot and greasy foods and is available in a variety of sizes. The GO range is cost-effective alternative, made from a high quality, uncoated brown board and is 100% recyclable. 

Fried Snacks

Like burgers and chips, heat retention is a must for these foods. That’s why you should select sealable packaging to maintain optimal heat during delivery. Our dinner boxes are a perfect choice as they tick all the boxes to help ensure the quality of the food isn’t compromised. For Toasties, we’d recommend you wrap these up in one of our waxed burger wraps, providing excellent grease resistance (we’re talking about you, melted cheese!), while also holding everything together tightly.

Dumplings, Dim Sims & Spring Rolls

These bold and delicious Asian foods are common craving amongst consumers.
Dumplings are a versatile dish and can come steamed or fried, or even in a Wonton Soup. Dim Sims and Spring Rolls are another option to curb a craving, often when customers are after something small, fried and flavoursome.

Package dumplings for delivery by placing them in an Eco-Products Sugarcane Clam, which is made from sugarcane pulp, a rapidly renewable resource and an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic containers. Dim Sims & Spring Rolls can also be packaged in a Small Sugarcane Clam, or a Grease Proof Flat Bag for a cost-effective alternative.