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Tips and tricks for improving order accuracy

May 25 / Australia

We want to support you to improve order accuracy and enhance the delivery experience for your customers.

How can I improve order accuracy?

We’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks you can implement to help improve order accuracy:

Keep your item availability up to date
  • When you run out of something, make sure that you mark it as out of stock so you don’t leave customers feeling disappointed
  • You can do this in your Uber Eats Orders app, under Item Availability
Organise your packing area 
  • Make it easier for your staff to pack and hand off orders
  • Drinks, condiments and cutlery are often missed since they’re usually the last things to be added
  • Large orders, combos and value packs are prone to order errors
Pack with pride
  • If an order needs to be packed into multiple bags, clearly labelling each bag can help avoid mix ups. You can also use a sticker or staples to secure the bags together
  • You can protect items from spillage by using cling film to add an additional seal to liquids
  • Check out the Detpak Delivery Notes blog for more useful information on how you can package your orders with pride
Use the time management tools
  • You can use the time management tools in your Uber Eats Orders app to help manage incoming orders
  • If you’re under the pump, consider enabling Busy Mode or delaying individual orders in your Uber Eats Orders app
Delegate staff
  • Ensure the appropriate number of staff are available to service both in-store and Uber Eats orders

Where can I go to find out more about the Uber Eats refund policies?

Our Uber Eats Help page outlines our refund policies and our Uber Eats Merchant Academy helps to set you up for success by answering frequently asked questions about order error adjustments.