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Nugg Lyf x Detpak: Transitioning to sustainable packaging

July 6 / Australia

Nugg Lyf is the home of Adelaide’s best chicken nuggets. They also offer a range of mouth-watering burgers, juicy wings, tasty desserts and a dedicated Vegan menu. Starting off as an Uber Eats only kitchen in 2016, Nugg Lyf has grown significantly over the years, with restaurants in four locations across Adelaide.

Prior to launching Nugg Lyf, Josh O’Shaughnessy had never run a hospitality business before. Before he knew it he was selling delicious chicken nuggets via Uber Eats out of a local pub kitchen. We went out to pick Josh’s brain to find out more about what’s important to him as a business, what are his *go to* food packaging products.

What’s most important to you as a business?
“Sales growth. The last few years have been a real rollercoaster for us,” Josh said. “Over the next twelve months we will be focussing on consistency in the store. We are keen to grow our customer base and packaging plays a role in this as the product needs to remain in the same condition as it was when it left our kitchen,” he added.

What do you know about packaging food for delivery?
“My knowledge has certainly evolved over the years. I had no idea about packaging when I first launched Nugg Lyf. We’ve never used unsustainable products like styrofoam and Detpak was our very first introduction to food packaging. We saw this as a good thing – it has helped us learn about packaging in a positive way,” Josh said

What do you think about Detpak?
“The Uber Eats Detpak portal is really easy to use and the delivery time is great. What Detpak are doing is fantastic. The most important thing at the moment is making it quick and easy for the customer to place an order,” Josh said.