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New Pickup & Drop Off locations at Chadstone Shopping Centre

May 11, 2018 / Australia

To make pickups at Chadstone Shopping Centre easier we’ve partnered with them to create dedicated Uber pickup and dropoff locations at specific locations around the Centre.

Whenever you receive a request from the shopping centre, you’ll be sent instructions on how to find the correct pickup or dropoff location.

Pickup point locations

After receiving a trip request, as you approach the Centre, you’ll receive SMS directions to one of three pickup points.

Pickup point 1 – Woolworths

Head towards the Woolworths Car Park located at the south east of the Centre. Turn left if coming from Middle Rd. Head straight to then end, and follow the one-way signs to enter the zone.

Pickup point 2 – David Jones

New pickup zone at Chadstone Shopping Centre – located next to the bus stop near David Jones, on the west side of the Centre. Easily accessed from Princes Hwy.

Pickup point 3 – Vicinity Centres Office Tower

Head up the ramp at the ‘Tower One Drop-off Only’ sign, next to the tall office building. Located at the first exit next to Princes Hwy.

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