Driver Announcements

The new Driver app

May 29, 2018 / Australia

Frequently asked questions

The new Driver app is here. An experience built with you, for you.


  • How do I locate my ‘Account’ tab?
  • How do I locate my ‘Earnings’ tab?
  • Where can I find my acceptance and cancellation rates?

Display Settings

  • How do I turn ‘Night Mode’ on and off?
  • How do I hide my earnings from showing on the main screen?


  • Can I change my default navigation provider? How do I turn auto-navigation on?
  • Can I disable or enable voice directions for navigation?

Trip Preferences

  • How do I find out how many cars are in the queue at the airport?
  • Can I still set a personal destination so that I only receive trips going along or near the route to my destination?
  • How can I control what types of trip requests I receive, like I did with the previous Uber Driver app?

Notifications and Messages


  • How do I contact support through the new app?


  • How do I access my Momentum card?