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How Burger Prospect is keeping its packaging simple and sustainable

May 9 / Australia

Burger Prospect opened its doors to fellow burger lovers in March 2022. Located in the heart of Prospect, South Australia, this burger joint is bound to satisfy your taste buds with its variety of fresh and juicy burgers, sides, and desserts. It all started with three friends and a shared vision. “The opportunity arose in the area and we all wanted to create a burger cafe with a fun, the community feels that also supported local suppliers,” Roshi Dean, co-founder of Burger Prospect said. Customers can dine-in or order their faves from their lounge rooms via the Uber Eats App.

To find out a bit more about Burger Prospect, their packaging needs, and views on sustainability, we sat down with owners Roshi and Tim over a burger and fries.

Burger Prospect’s mantra is ‘fun, fresh, and local’, can you tell us more about this and why it’s important to your business?

 “At Burger Prospect our philosophy is simple. We source the best local ingredients from various South Australian suppliers to ensure every burger is on point,” Roshi said. “Our customers are the center of everything we do. We aim to create a fun, vibrant environment where customers feel comfortable in our restaurants,” Roshi said.

How important is sustainability in food packaging to you?

“Sustainability in food packaging is really important to us as a business. It’s 2022 and we need to be sustainable and environmentally responsible…we don’t think there’s any other option really,” Roshi said.

Burger Prospect likes to keep its food packaging simple and sustainable and uses burger clams, chip cups, and snack boxes for takeaway and delivery. They use reusable baskets and burger wraps for customers who wish to dine in.

We can’t help but notice you use Uber Eats delivery bags, what are the benefits of using these?

“The Uber Eats bags are great, the handles are really strong compared to other paper bags we’ve used in the past where the handles have broken,” Roshi said.

The fast-food industry is constantly evolving and changing, what’s a trend you’re keen to keep an eye on in the future?

“We’re excited to see what happens with plant-based foods. The meat industry will be under a lot of pressure in the coming years and this will result in an increase in prices. Plant-based foods will need to improve for the masses to be willing to adopt,” Roshi said. He also touched on the trend of buying local food. “South Australia has some of the best produce in the world and we’ll always buy local where we can,” he said.

Burger Prospect, 198 Prospect Road, Prospect SA.