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Giving the gift of rides with Uber

December 13, 2022 / Australia

When we think of the holiday season, most of us think of taking it easy, connecting with family and friends, practising gratitude, and having frivolous fun.

It’s also the season to reward your employees and thank your customers for another successful year. As you think about ways to do this, ask yourself what reaction you hope your gift will inspire. Are you hoping for a “Wow!” moment?

A new car can do that, but we have another idea that won’t necessarily break the bank: getting everyone their favourite holiday treat or taking care of holiday travel rides through Uber gift cards or vouchers. Gift cards and vouchers both take minutes to create and send, are available across multiple regions, and give credits for the apps your recipients likely already know and use.

Here are a few reasons why giving the gift of rides or meals with Uber is a sure way to delight your employees, customers, and guests this holiday season.

Send a gift you can use almost anywhere

Gift-giving doesn’t have to happen in person to have an impact. Virtual gifts and celebrations can still be of value and have substance while creating goodwill.

With remote and hybrid working the norm, Uber gift cards are a great solution: you can instantly distribute them by text or email to employees and customers wherever they are. Gift card credits will apply to your recipients’ next ride or meal for delivery by default. There are no gift card service fees or expiration dates, and any Uber credit remaining in their account after taking a ride or ordering a meal will stay in the account for future use.

We all have places to be and meals to eat. Cover the cost for your recipients to give them one less thing to think about.

Make holiday event travel easy

Travel increases during the holiday season with work parties, holiday travel, and more. Uber vouchers can offer flexible ride options to your customers and employees during this busy time:

  • Give customers a VIP treatment by covering their ride to and from an end-of-year celebration
  • Help your employees get home safer after drinking the holiday party eggnog

Everyone loves a “free ride,” whether it’s to the airport for holiday travel or downtown for dinner and a show. You can suggest they upgrade to Business Comfort on their next ride for a pleasurable evening out to relax with friends and loved ones.

In the end, you pay only for the rides that are used. You can also set a spending limit, then feel comfortable knowing you won’t go over budget.

Share everyone’s favourite meal with Uber Eats

Families and communities often observe important moments by sharing food. To help inspire togetherness this holiday season, offer an Uber gift card that covers the cost of a shared meal as an easy way to thank customers or employees. Recipients can enjoy their favourite meal through Uber Eats and repurpose the time they would have spent cooking, serving, and cleaning dishes to spend quality time with loved ones.

They’ll fondly remember the gift from your organisation when they enjoy their favourite treat or recall the laughs at their holiday dinner party.

Offer a gift that delights with Uber for Business

This holiday season, let gift-giving be one less thing to worry about with Uber for Business. As a powerful global platform for managing rides, meals, and local deliveries for companies of any size, we help companies achieve more, enjoy more, and experience more at work with solutions for employees, guests, and customers. 

The Uber for Business dashboard offers tools that let you pay for rides and meals for others, so your employees, customers, and guests can have more flexibility with what they choose. Uber vouchers are perfect for moving your employees to and from events or giving them a stipend when travelling to headquarters for the holiday party. With Uber gift cards, you can give your customers a little something extra and let them decide how to use it. 

No matter how your organisation celebrates the holidays with employees and customers, give the gift of experiences with Uber for Business. Contact the Uber for Business team to learn more