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Driver safety tips for Australia Day

January 20, 2020 / Australia

Safety never stops

Australia Day is a great time to be on the road and make money using the Driver app. Here are some tips to make sure you stay safe over the long weekend.

Key dates:

  • Sun 26 Jan – Australia Day 
  • Mon 27 Jan – Public holiday

1. What if your rider is intoxicated or unresponsive?

We advise you not to end the trip, but to contact emergency services via the Safety Toolkit in your Driver app, or by calling 000 (Australia). Don’t touch or handle the rider unless instructed by emergency services and follow their instructions until they arrive.

2. What if you feel unsafe on your trip?

Let us know by reporting the issue via the Help Centre so we can follow up. If you require immediate assistance from emergency services, please use the emergency assistance button in the Driver app, or you can call 000 (Australia). Follow the directions of emergency services and we’ll be in touch soon after to make sure you’re ok.

3. Respect your rider’s personal space

Touching or flirting with a rider in the car is not appropriate in any circumstances. Commenting on a rider’s appearance or asking if they’re single can also make them uncomfortable and is not tolerated. You can find out more about respecting your riders and creating a comfortable space in our Community Guidelines.

4. Pick up and drop off your riders safely

Roads tend to get busier with the summer weather. Keep an eye out for road hazards, particularly when dropping off and picking up. If a rider requests a pickup in an unsafe location, find somewhere safe to stop close by, then call your rider to let them know where you are.

5. Manage your fatigue

Driving for extensive periods increases the risk of incidents related to fatigue. If you’re driving and feeling tired, you should take a break. The Uber Driver app will keep you aware of how many hours you’ve spent online and will take you offline for 8 consecutive hours if you have been online for 12 cumulative hours without a consecutive 8 hour break.

6. Dealing with rider requests

If you don’t feel safe or comfortable with a rider’s request you have the right not to accept a ride, or to cancel the ride request. This includes if you are being asked to transport a package. Please let us know by reporting the issue via the Help Centre so we can follow up.

7. What if your rider changes the route during their trip?

If your rider decides the trip home wouldn’t be complete without a spontaneous Maccas run, make sure they add it as an additional stop on their app. That way your extra time in the drive-thru will be immediately integrated into the trip.

8. What if your rider makes a mess?

Our support team is here for you 24/7, and we have a process in place to deal with incidents where a rider creates any sort of mess in your car while you’re on-trip. Contact Support via the app by tapping the ‘Help’ icon > ‘Trip issues and adjustments’ > ‘Issue with a rider’ > ‘A rider made a mess in my vehicle’.

9. We partner with law enforcement

As an additional commitment to your safety, we’ve appointed a Law Enforcement Liaison Lead to help strengthen our close working relationship with law enforcement. This means we can leverage our data and technology to support investigations in ways that weren’t possible before rideshare – and help hold anyone who does the wrong thing accountable.

Millions of people have great experiences with Uber every day. These positive interactions help define who we are. Thank you for getting people to where they are going safely, and for choosing to help make Uber a safe and welcoming community.

Read more about Uber’s Commitment to Safety.