Named Sam? Know a Sam? We’ve got a ride for you!

August 14, 2017 / Australia

If, like the other 21,000,000¹ plus people in Australia, you still don’t know about Uber (and by know we mean, have taken a ride), we bet your bottom dollar you know someone called Sam.

How can we be so sure? Well Sam (and any variation of whether that is Sammy, Samita or Samara)  is not only one of the most common unisex names among our over 3,000,000 riders right now, it is also one of the most popular names in Australia.

We want everyone to know about the magic of riding with Uber and we figured there’s no one better placed to tell everyone about the benefits of Uber than the one mate we all have – Sam!

Free Rides Week if your name’s Sam

That’s why, for one week only, we are offering anyone whose name starts with the letters S.A.M a free $20 Uber ride every single day of the week.

So whether you’re a Sam, Samantha, Samten, Sameera, Samil, Samsun, Samar or any other variation of Sam, register with Uber before midnight on Friday 18 August and you can enjoy  free rides up to the value of $20, every day, from 21-27 August 2017.

With Sams all around the country experiencing the magic of Uber on us, if you ever have any questions about Uber now you know who to ask.

If your name’s not Sam, don’t panic – you don’t have to miss out. Just make sure your mate Sam signs up and enjoy a free ride on them.

Australia’s best loved Sams along for the ride

As Sams around the country register for their free rides, some of Australia’s best loved Sams are jumping onboard, including; TV & Radio star Sam Frost and fitness expert Sam Wood.

So whether you’re a Sam who is late for work, stranded in the rain or heading home after a night out, your free ride is waiting for you.

Named Sam?

If you’re called Sam and want to help your mates get to know Uber, then register here before midnight 18 August, and we’ll give you a free $20 ride every day for a week from 21 August.


For full terms and conditions of the promotions please head here.

¹Figure based on latest population estimates minus number of active Uber riders in Australia. 3,000,000.