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April 26, 2021 / Australia

Marketing, advertising, and media industries were hit hard over the last year, particularly in terms of customer engagement and rewards.

For marketers looking to reconnect customers with brands, or engage new customers, Uber Vouchers are a powerful tool for encouraging brand loyalty and distinguishing companies from their competitors.

In a case study in Canada, Samsung used Uber Vouchers to incentivise customers interested in their Galaxy range. They offered potential customers $100 of Uber Eats credits if they purchased one of the Galaxy devices. The result was a twenty per cent increase in mobile device sales, which was thirty per cent higher than originally forecast.

This type of marketing, which rewards customers for shopping with a specific brand reinforces a sense of gratitude and loyalty to that company. Standing out in an increasingly saturated market requires offering customers something that they will actually use.

Nick Dunford, Country Manager, Uber for Business Australia & New Zealand, believes that the Vouchers are a useful way for brands to reconnect with consumers, particularly after the impacts of the pandemic.

“At Uber for Business, we’re proud of how we’ve been able to support organisations through our Uber Vouchers. They are a truly unique opportunity for brands to connect with their customers.”

Renewing connections is also particularly relevant in the event space, an essential area for marketers which was significantly impacted by the pandemic.

As society begins to open up again, encouraging people to engage and interact with your brand – whether online or in-person – presents a unique set of challenges.

Uber Vouchers can help marketers renew interest and engagement in brands by providing attendees with Uber Eats or Uber travel vouchers.

These sorts of rewards give not just the consumer, but the marketer themselves, freedom as the brand chooses the parameters of the voucher.

“Uber Vouchers are particularly useful in our current context, where many businesses are still focussed on online events and conferences. Vouchers enable businesses to share something special with their team members and attendees, and ensure their events can be as successful as possible while reinforcing their branding”

Nick Dunford, Country Manager, Uber for Business Australia & New Zealand

The duration as well as the amount included in the voucher are entirely customisable. As a result, they are flexible and adaptable to a range of contexts: whether it is promoting a product, encouraging attendance at an event, rewarding participation or thanking long-time customers.

The vouchers can also be customised with business logos, reinforcing branding and linking the experience with a specific brand identity.

For US basketball team The Golden State Warriors, Uber Vouchers were a means of thanking season ticket holders and corporate partners in 2020. Every account manager sent a personalised email to those individuals with a code for $50 off an Uber Eats meal.

In this context, a brand was able to connect with customers and partners, while offering a tangible gesture of thanks during a difficult time.

To learn more about how your brand can benefit from Uber Vouchers, contact the Uber for Business team.