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Help strengthen customer loyalty and employee engagement with vouchers for Uber Eats

July 22, 2020 / Australia

Providing a seamless experience for your customers, guests and employees is as crucial as ever, and the smallest gesture can help strengthen your client relationships and help improve employee engagement. As people navigate major changes in lifestyle and adjust to new routines during the COVID-19 pandemic, Uber for Business is continuing to develop new ways for you to treat any guest, employee or client to their favourite meal.  

We expanded our corporate meal solution to help keep employees satisfied, fuelled and focussed no matter where they’re ordering from. Now we’re enhancing the product with vouchers for Uber Eats. Vouchers give you control and flexibility over what and how your organisation spends on meals, enabling you to create single and bulk campaigns that are tailored to your company’s needs.

Operate efficiently while giving an experience they deserve  

Vouchers give you the versatility to decide how much of an order you want to cover while having visibility into how your organisation spends. Below are a few of the many ways you can use vouchers for Uber Eats to help keep guests, employees and customers engaged, while showing how much you care.

Feed teams returning to work. We’re helping businesses reimagine meals for working professionals, whether workers have typically relied on your company to supply meals at the office, many are having to adjust to a new daily routine. Businesses can help solve at least one daily task and free up their employees’ time and provide them with a voucher for lunch. With the ‘leave at door’ option, your employees can enjoy their favourite meals and still have time to focus on what matters most: staying safe, motivated, and productive, wherever they are and wherever Uber Eats is available.

Offer meals for remote events. As remote work has become a large part of our new normal, so too have virtual events. What better way to help keep attendees engaged and satisfied than with an order via the Uber Eats app? Provide a voucher for attendees at your virtual conference, sales training or webinar, so they can eat while they participate. With 22,000 restaurant partners in over 30 cities across Australia and New Zealand, they’ll be able to choose from a broad set of meal options.

“Our networking group is about bringing women together to connect, inspire, and have a safe space to enjoy a drink and conversation. Providing Vouchers for Uber Eats at our last event, where we discussed Reunite and the direct-to-consumer wine owner business, was a fantastic complement to the experience and a nice surprise for the women who attended. The vouchers were easy to administer, and we were up and running with them the same day.”

Deb Hopkins, Founder, Causeway 305, Shopify Partner, United States

Help boost employee morale with meals. Show how much you appreciate employees who have gone above and beyond by treating them to their favourite meal, no matter the time or place. With an average meal delivery time of under 30 minutes* employees can enjoy more of their downtime and stay focussed while working. Food also has the power to help keep your team connected. Cover a virtual lunch with vouchers and give them a much-needed morale boost.

How to use Vouchers for Uber Eats

You have the control to provide customised vouchers for customers, guests and employees. Here’s how we make it easy for you to create unique vouchers, set rules and policy controls, and track how your guests and employees are using them—all while optimising spending. 

Set your terms. Choose which type of voucher you want to create, and add a group name, start/end date and internal memo. You can create limits on spending per order, the number of orders, dates and times, and other parameters to fit your organisation’s needs.

To redeem a voucher, recipients can simply click the link contained within an email or SMS to claim it on an Uber account and use the voucher at checkout.

Monitor costs and keep your spending efficient. Gain insights into how your employees and customers use vouchers—including total spending, meals ordered and the number of vouchers claimed—to monitor usage and overall costs. When you issue vouchers, you’ll only pay for what recipients spend.

As you look to implement vouchers for Uber Eats to create and customise meal programs for the people who connect with your business, we’re here to help keep them engaged. To learn more about Eats for Business, or request a demo, visit

*Source: Internal Uber data, 2018