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3 ways to grow your sales on Uber Eats

September 27 / Australia

Uber Eats Head of Advertising ANZ, Michael Levine, shares advice on how to capture new eaters’ attention and grow your sales.

With more Aussies turning to food delivery apps than ever before, there is a significant opportunity for restaurants to capture hungry eaters’ attention and grow their sales.

New research from Roy Morgan shows over 7 million Australians aged 14+ (33.4%) now use meal delivery services in an average of three months, up from 3.6 million (16.9%) in early 2020. On Uber Eats, this growing demand offers restaurant partners a large audience to get in front of their business every day.  

Our research suggests that 2 in 3 Aussies don’t yet know what they want for dinner when they open the Uber Eats App. This open mindset to exploring cuisine types and restaurant options presents an opportunity for savvy restaurant owners who are looking to grow sales. In a competitive eater marketplace, there are a few distinct ways that you can improve your chances of capturing a potential customer.

1. Like your storefront in real life, traffic matters. 

Ensuring you have high visibility is a key way to get people in the door. On Uber Eats, ads campaigns improve your position as people scroll through a list of delivery options in their area, moving you much higher than where you might organically appear. The higher you appear, the more likely you are to be seen. With many great choices available for consumers, you can certainly leave it to chance and hope they find your store.

But to ensure that you capture more hungry eater’s attention, ads can help keep your restaurant top of mind. On Uber Eats, you’ll only pay when a customer clicks your ad, meaning every dollar spent goes towards helping to grow your business. Your Uber Eats Manager dashboard will also help you track every dollar that you spend on advertising and subsequent sales uplift – so you’ll know exactly what impact your investment is having on sales growth! 

2. Bring your menu to life.

Ok, now we’ve got an eater’s attention – it’s time to offer a clear and compelling view of your tasty dishes! Pictures and accurate descriptions are more likely to convert menu views to orders. Take the time to review your restaurant from the eyes of your customer. Does it look great? Can I tell you what I’m going to get when I make an order? 

For XS Espresso, a fast-growing coffee shop in Australia, it’s about giving people the best possible start to their day. From traditional breakfast options like eggs and bacon to more modern choices like acai bowls and avocado toast, XS Espresso has made it their mission to provide and promote delicious, healthy food – and they’re doing it with the help of delivery platforms like Uber Eats.

3. Aim to deliver great food… and great value! 

Offering customers value for money is a proven way to grow sales for any business. By combining Ads with Promotions on Uber Eats, restaurants are likely to see an even greater order uplift A “buy on get one free” offer can also lead to a higher average basket size. If you are looking to acquire new customers or build return customer loyalty, a compelling offer might be the trick to convert interest to action!