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Prapti joined Uber for the company, but stays for the people

January 11 / Global

Prapti Singh joined Uber in 2017 for the company, but stays for the people. Her first interview, believe it or not, was actually done with the hiring manager in an Uber. Today, she’s a Marketing Manager based in Gurgaon, India working to drive adoption of our lower-cost products to new users.

Why did you join Uber?

“Believe it or not, but I took my first interview in an Uber! The hiring manager had to rush out of the office for an urgent meeting, so to save time we decided to do the interview on his way to that venue. We hopped into an Uber from the office and chatted on the way. This was back in 2017, a year and a half before I actually got hired.

I left a marketeers dream job at Unilever to join a new-age tech company where the marketing function (and the team) were just getting set up. As I look back at it, it was definitely the best decision to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. 

I have lived by the philosophy that ‘a ship is always safe in its harbor, but that’s not where it’s meant to be.’ After joining Uber, I had to unlearn a lot of things that I was used to, adapt to new ways of working (a digital-first marketing approach, a highly matrixed organization), but it gave me a chance to play a part in charting the growth of a once in a generation company like Uber.”

Tell us about your Uber journey.

“While I joined for the role, I have stayed for the people. As they say, ‘choose the team and people you work with wisely; sometimes they matter more than just your job description.’ In my four years at Uber, I have seen myself evolve, learn from teammates and become a better marketer and person. 

When the world was brought to a standstill in 2020 by COVID-19, I got a chance to work on our crisis response communication strategy in India so that Uber could provide safe rides to customers in emergency situations. Something that no playbook can ever prepare you for. It was heartening to see how the cross-functional team came together and stepped up to help. A control group was set up, resources from all ends pulled together, people were empowered to facilitate quick decision making, and constant guidance from leaders was provided.

There is never a dull moment at Uber and you keep moving from one challenge to the next. There is always an opportunity to do meaningful work that can create a real impact.”

What keeps you building 4 years on? 

“Our culture. Uber’s a very collaborative workplace. I am in the company of very smart and motivated colleagues that make me want to give my best everyday. We are trip obsessed and always looking to improve our products to give a better experience, whether it’s new safety features, expanding reach to new cities, our foraying into electric vehicles, or offering affordable products.”

Tell us about one of your proudest Uber moments?

“The launch of our 2022 brand campaign which unveiled a new brand narrative under the theme of our ‘Bas Socho aur chal Pado’ campaign targeting the resilient aspirers in India who are in the relentless pursuit of their dreams. This campaign celebrates the stories of unstoppable Indians who have been unafraid to challenge the status quo to realize their dreams.

I firmly believe that our commute should not define our destiny. Lack of safe and reliable mobility options should not come in the way of us achieving our dreams. With Uber, I get a chance to drive adoption of our lower-cost products, like Auto and Moto, that are the lifeline of this country, making mobility accessible for all Indians.” 

What’s it like working half at home and half in the office?

“With the hybrid mode of working kicking in, the transition has been quite seamless and I am excited to be back in office. Uber’s new work philosophy gives us the flexibility to strike our own balance between collaboration time at office and focus time at home. I find my days at the office to be extremely productive where I can get a lot of in-person meetings done and also meet my work friends and cross-functional team members. You can’t really replace a good cafeteria lunch conversation with a virtual meeting. So I am all-in for being in the office a few days every week.”

Why join Uber today?

“It’s a great time to join Uber. There’s a lot of exciting work as the world has reopened again: clear priorities, big mandates, and a growing business. Uber has a lot to offer.”

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