Artificial Intelligence – Meet the Team

November 22, 2019 / Global

Uber is really one big Machine Learning problem – determining a route, how much to charge, how to pair riders in Pool – and AI Labs helps find solutions to all these problems and more across the many organizations at Uber. Did you know that the Uber AI group is made up of 5 different teams and 96 employees working on supporting Artificial Intelligence Research for Uber globally? Led by Chief Scientist Zoubin Ghahramani, Uber AI is doing exciting work in areas of research including Natural Language Processing, Bayesian Optimization, Neuroevolution, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision.

Jingchen Liu, Senior Software Engineer on Uber’s AI Team

Describe your team to someone outside of Uber?

“Uber-AI (artificial Intelligence) is a new initiative aiming to become Uber’s ‘brain’. As a computer vision platform team inside UberAI, we not only develop in-house AI & Computer vision solutions directly but also make these technologies available like building blocks, with which, any product team inside Uber can quickly address computer vision and AI challenges in their own application scenarios.”

Our team provides computer vision solutions to different Uber products. For example, detecting roads & parking-lots from satellite images for UberMap, identifying fraud ID verification images for uber-Safety, automatically extracting food items and price information from restaurant menu images for uber-Eats, understanding street scenes in real-time for Uber bikes and scooters.

What attracted you to Uber?

“I joined Uber 4 years ago and it excites me to be able to say that we are at the intersection of the latest AI technology and Uber’s products that both affect so many people’s lives. 

Computer vision & AI is one of the fastest-growing technology in recent years (from AI/VR (Virtual Reality) to self-driving cars), And Uber is operating at a tremendous scale.”

What excites you about the organization you support?

“Uber-AI is a new initiative aiming to become Uber’s ‘brain’, with lots of new challenges and opportunities. And here I get to work closely with world-class researchers, engineers, and product designers and get great inspiration all the time.”

What are you looking to achieve next within your role?

“Bring the latest computer vision and AI technologies to Uber. Create an infrastructure that supports the agile development of robust models that can be quickly adapted by other teams for their own application scenarios.”

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