Artificial Intelligence – Meet the Team

November 21, 2019 / Global

Uber is really one big Machine Learning problem – determining a route, how much to charge, how to pair riders in Pool – and AI Labs helps find solutions to all these problems and more across the many organizations at Uber. Did you know that the Uber AI group is made up of 5 different teams and 96 employees working on supporting Artificial Intelligence Research for Uber globally? Led by Chief Scientist Zoubin Ghahramani, Uber AI is doing exciting work in areas of research including Natural Language Processing, Bayesian Optimization, Neuroevolution, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision.

Jane Hung, Research Engineer for the AI Labs Team

What Describe your team to someone outside of Uber?

“UberAI consists of teams doing research to advance the state of artificial intelligence and enabling artificial intelligence-based solutions for problems across Uber. What’s unique to UberAI is that we work at the intersection between the digital and physical worlds at scale, so the impact and responsibility is even more tangible.”

What excites you about the organization you support?

“The day-to-day is exciting because there’s freedom to work on different types of projects: some focus on publishing fundamental research to the wider AI community, some involve partner teams across Uber and lead to immediate business impact, some revolve around open source software, and many are a combination of the three.”

What are your biggest achievements so far?

“I’m very happy to have been able to work with some really cutting-edge teams around Uber, like Elevate and Freight. One highlight was attending the Elevate Summit this year and helping present our project on creating a Spatio-temporal model predicting acoustic ambient noise.”

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