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In Brooklyn, hustle is the only thing that moves faster than change. Da Republic of Brooklyn is a Spike Lee Joint following the journey of 5 people who drive or deliver with Uber as they chase down their dreams in New York’s most populous borough.

Da Republic of Brooklyn: Featured films

  • Malka

    She’s discovering a newfound independence while traveling along a journey toward an even bolder future.

  • صني

    New to the city of Brooklyn, she’s biking toward a better future and the bright lights of the big stage.

  • Domingo

    His movement can only be described as relentless, driving to support himself and building an empire of small businesses.

  • Keith

    At the core of his work, 2 simple passions are at play: driving with his dog Teenie and the greater pursuit of caring for animals.

  • Rodney

    He uses art as a vehicle to tell the stories of Brooklyn and the continuous motion of New York’s most populous borough.


“Brooklyn’s a mythological place, where great artists, great people, have come from and always can represent.”

—Spike Lee

Brooklyn is something different to each of the 2.6 million native New Yorkers and transplants from all over the world who live and work there. Vibrant, colorful, welcoming, diverse, hardworking, and full of motion, this is the Brooklyn where people drive with Uber, deliver with Uber, and live every day.

  • Domingo, Keith, Malka, Rodney, and Sunny taking a break from the hustle on a stoop in Crown Heights.

  • Rodney draws inspiration from all over the city, including the unique homes that line the streets of Bay Ridge.

  • When Malka needs to unwind, she walks with her kids along the water in Bensonhurst.

  • Sunny rides the bike lanes at all hours delivering food to every corner of Brooklyn.

  • It might look quiet, but Domingo’s neighborhood of Bushwick is as full of hustle as he is.

  • The Thunderbolt in Coney Island, where Keith and Teenie stroll the sidewalks and piers.


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