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Explore local transit options on the Uber app

Cities run on transit networks. Now you can find yours on Uber. Reduce your carbon footprint and fight traffic congestion. We’ll help you get where you’re going, no matter how you’re getting there.

Ride public transit with less hassle

Say goodbye to complicated time schedules, hectic transfers, and unexpected waits while reducing your trip’s emissions. Get real-time route updates every step of the way.

Explore your community

See your local transit network at a glance without cumbersome maps, confusing schedules, and surprise delays.

Shrink your carbon footprint

Get where you’re going while cutting down on fossil fuels. The greener transit choice has never been easier.

Cut down on traffic congestion

Put one less vehicle on the road by choosing your local bus, subway, or train route.

How Journey Planning works

Whether you’re commuting to work or heading to brunch, our platform makes navigating your local transit as easy as using ridesharing. Plan your route, purchase tickets, and get real-time transit updates. All in the Uber app.

See available transit option in one place

Get all the information you need on one screen. Enter your destination, and the Uber app will find the routes, connections, prices, and arrival times for you.

Identify the most efficient routes for your journey

Get real-time transit information and choose the quickest route to where you’re going.

Get detailed directions to your destination

Get step-by-step directions from start to finish, including transfers between transit vehicles and pedestrian crossings.

Buy transit tickets easily in the app

No more need to worry about lines at a transit kiosk or holding onto paper tickets. Buy and save transit tickets right in the Uber app.

Get where you’re going with Uber Transit