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Get your licenses in Estonia

With more riders than any other app, Uber is a great way to make money — but first you need your licenses to operate in Tallinn. We've made the signup process quicker and easier than ever. It usually takes up to 7 days to complete the process and get both of your licenses.

Apply for your license

1. Service provider card

You need to get the service provider card which will give you the right to work as a taxi service provider. An applicant for and holder of the service provider card must:

  • have a valid right to drive at least a category B power-driven vehicle;
  • comply with the requirement of good repute;
  • be a person who doesn't hold a provisional driving licence or a licence with the limited right to drive.

2. Vehicle card

You also need to get the vehicle card which will give you the right to use the vehicle specified in the vehicle card for the provision of taxi services.

Requirements for the vehicle card applicant

  • the applicant may not have tax arrears;
  • the applicant must be the owner or user of the vehicle for which the vehicle card is applied according to the registration certificate or contract of use of the vehicle;
  • the vehicle must have an Estonian registration number;
  • no more than 12 months may have passed from the last inspection of the vehicle;

NB: If you are using a rental car which already have the vehicle card then you don't need to get an extra licence.

3. Visit Uber Greenlight Hub in Tallinn

Need help? An Uber Expert will work through the online application process with you and help you complete the steps above. We’ll explain the process in detail and answer all your questions.


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