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University Student Careers

We believe that by solving some of the biggest problems of our time, we can help create a future where there is limitless freedom of movement for people and things all across the world. It’s a bright future that we can create together. Uber is the perfect place to start and grow your career—no matter where you are or what your experience is.

Inside university and student careers

  • Rakinne's path from intern to Uber Software Engineer

    Born in Brooklyn. Raised in Austin. Rakinne Foote's path to Uber ignited the first time he created software from nothing in a college computer science class.

    He joined Uber as an intern and then landed a full-time role as a Software Engineer on our Earner Movement team.

  • The moment I knew joining Uber was the right decision

    No matter where you are or what your experience is, interns make a big impact and Uber is a great place to start and grow your career.

  • Our University Recruiters top tips for acing your internship interview

    3 things to know when preparing for your interview.

  • 4 tips for developing a growth mindset

    Becky Karsh, Head of People Development, shares how Uber empowers employees with tools and experiences to grow as they go and how you can drive growth in your own role.

  • How my Uber internship expanded my horizons

    "From my first day in the office, I’ve found nothing but friendly folks and colorful, sunny spaces. This internship overturned my assumptions about the industry, as I was free to pursue projects that interested me without guilt, supported by a strong and welcoming community," shares Gabby Franklin, Uber Star Intern.

  • 5 highlights from Uber’s Global Intern Week 2021

    All week long, we toasted the incredible group of doers, thinkers, and makers we call interns and their impact on building what’s next for Uber.

  • Uber careers blog

    Hear from people across Uber.


Internship and new graduate opportunities

  • Our internship program is perfect for university students looking for valuable real-world experience within the confines of an environment that fosters mentorship and feedback. Teams hiring include Software Engineering, Design, Data Science, and more.

  • Our recently formed MBA recruiting program is working with top business schools around the world to find candidates for internships and full-time roles within Uber. We are hiring top talent for Product Management, Marketing, Finance, and Operations, among many other roles. We are proud to have our MBA interns work on projects that can potentially impact millions of people around the globe.

  • All of our university graduates make an impact from day one. We look for university grads who love problem-solving and thrive on collaboration in a supportive workplace. Teams with university graduate opportunities include Software Engineering, Data Science, Product, and more.

Global programs

  • Engineering internship program

    Eligibility: Second-year Engineering students

    Duration: 8 weeks, full time

    When to apply: August-September

    Teams: Technology

    Locations: Hyderabad, Bangalore

  • MBA internship program

    Eligibility: First-year MBA students

    Duration: 8 weeks, full time

    When to apply: October-November

    Teams: Operations, Marketing, Strategy and Planning, Business Development, People & Places

    Locations: Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai

  • Emerging product leaders program

    Eligibility: MBA with 1-3 year work experience

    Duration: 18-month rotation across 3 teams leading to a Product Manager role

    When to apply: Basis requirement

    Teams: Product

    Locations: Hyderabad, Bangalore


Come reimagine with us

21 open roles

Athens, Greece
Multiple Locations
Berlin, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
San Francisco, California