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The Engineering team at Uber builds the technologies that power our platform and reimagines the way the world moves for the better. We thrive on the scale of our global footprint, the gratification of solving hard challenges for millions of users around the world, and being at the forefront of smart experiences and technologies.

Meet our team

Being an engineer at Uber means shipping at an immense scale, solving problems you won't see anywhere else, and rising to the challenge of creating a better world.


Building at Uber Engineering

Deep dive into technology behind Uber Engineering.

  • Demand and ETR Forecasting at Airports

    Deep dive into the algorithm, data modeling, and system design that go into estimating the length of time a driver would have to wait for a trip request at a given location. This information enables them to reposition in periods of undersupply (short waits), or to remain in the city during periods of oversupply (long waits).

  • Setting Uber’s Transactional Data Lake in Motion with Incremental ETL Using Apache Hudi

    Learn about how Uber’s Global Data Warehouse team leveraged Apache Hudi to drastically improve performance of traditional batch ETL pipelines by going incremental, improving data freshness, quality, and completeness to power a variety of business-critical use cases.

  • How We Unified Configuration Distribution Across Systems at Uber

    Uber's Configuration Platform team talks about how they consolidated the infrastructure for multiple configuration systems into a unified, next-gen distribution platform, reducing CPU usage by an order of magnitude.


Inside Uber Engineering


Explore our Engineering teams

  • The Core Services Engineering team builds and maintains the commerce platforms that power the Uber platform. This includes identity sign-up and log-in services, account authentication and management, digital wallets, cash transactions, payment processing, risk, compliance, financial products, financial reporting, safety, insurance, growth, performance marketing, customer service, and trip operations. Our products and services operate at global scale in 30+ currencies and process millions of transactions per second to support 100M+ active users across complex global marketplaces. We look far into the future to anticipate the rapidly evolving needs of each of Uber’s current and future businesses and evolve our services and platforms to support what's next.

  • Under the hood of the Uber platform is a large-scale, microservice-based architecture that facilitates the reliability and scalability of our products. Our Core Infrastructure team leads our site reliability, observability, computing, networking, and hardware operations from sites worldwide.

  • With over 20,000 employees globally, Uber is bolstered by a network of tools and services to improve productivity, business operations, sustainability, and corporate infrastructure. The Information Technology team makes Uber a better place to work.

  • Whether engineering more accurate ETAs or helping drivers navigate to the perfect pick-up spot, our mapping technologies are integral to the magic of the Uber platform. On the Maps Engineering team, we use the latest ML, GPS, and telematics solutions to make transportation on our platform safer and more accessible.

  • Uber’s Marketplace Engineering team creates the technology behind our ridesharing marketplace by connecting riders with drivers at the push of a button. Our solutions expand user access, deliver reliability, and provide more transportation choices to users across our global markets.

  • When you build platforms, products, and tools at Uber, you’re powering nearly 23 million daily trips and 131 million users across our platform. That means Platform Engineering is the foundation behind every Uber team and product, creating essential infrastructure to run our distributed systems and scaled services––from monitoring, deployment, and language systems, to provisioning open source software (Cassandra, Pinto, Kafka, and Kubernetes).

    Platforms comprises several groups, all of which play a significant part in the team's success.

    • Core Infrastructure provides hardware and software infrastructure services of bare metal and containers for computing (general and AI) and network resources to all Uber's applications.
    • Data, Storage, and Search moves the world with global data, local insights, and intelligent decisions unlocking data-driven strategy across Uber by democratizing fast, efficient, and reliable data products.
    • Developer Platforms build tools and frameworks that empower Uber Engineers to develop high-quality software productively at scale.
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Tech Brand help embed DEI into the fabric of Uber Engineering programs and processes. We cultivate an environment where diversity thrives and where people feel they belong and can contribute to our shared success.
    • Engineering Security ensures privacy, security, and compliance needs are met with ever evolving market expectations. We safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customer's information and provide a secure computing environment for the Uber community. We build a cyber and risk-aware culture where security and privacy are considered from the beginning, policies are automated and engineered, and any issues are handled quickly and transparently.
    • IT Engineering delivers products, platforms, and services that accelerate productivity and business operations for the entire Uber workforce. The team drives innovation through intelligent technology and services that our employees love.
    • Quality Assurance enables Uber Engineering to focus on building world-class products by delivering reliability through highly automated systems, platforms, and processes.
    • Tech Strategy and Execution executes a portfolio of more than 400 technology-driven programs with broad, cross-team impact. This horizontal team works on evergreen and time-bound programs across organizational, functional, and disciplinary boundaries.
  • Data underpins our products, enabling intelligent decision making and improved user experiences. Leveraging the latest ML, Big Data, data visualization, and NLP technologies, the Product Platform team works at the intersection of engineering and data science to enhance our services and deliver actionable insights.

  • On the Rides Engineering team, we write code that ignites opportunities for millions of people every day. We’re focused on making Uber’s core ridesharing products faster, safer, and more reliable by building scalable software solutions for riders and drivers on our platform.

  • Uber Eats is home to a team of mobile and backend engineers tasked with creating an app to fuel our three-sided marketplace of eaters, delivery-partners, and restaurants. From making it easier to discover your ideal meal to designing dynamic UIs, our iOS and Android engineers keep the app healthy and users hungry for more.

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